5 & 8

family | memories

we have nothing without love
she is my mother like no other
blessed with her the day I was born
those sunny happy perfect days
trees in the breeze reached the sky
the grass grew tall about my thighs
the sun shined our hearts were light
dad smiled a lot when we were little tots
celebrate the holidays the snow
was three feet deep
sledding down the driveway
into the snowbound street
icy patches we would slip
fall down go boom with laughter
giggles and grins
cracking off icicles from the roof
crunching and munching them
with gusto-mom would call us in
for hot chocolate stripping off
our snow suits soaked to the skin-
then she would towel dry us-it was
the snowstorm of ’56-what a great
time to be 5 & 8 when we were
young and innocent in a world
where everything was great!

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