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5 o’clock shadow

cattails in long grass near Clearwater with jellyfish
and sand shark to keep sunbathers at bay
the moon luminous with his
5 o’clock shadow dances
resistant some distance pales some stardust streaks
clouds covering the sky where black
holes are bitter
if only to bathe the bottomless pit of night
cascading endlessly no dawn to
light his way no music that
he may sleep
except for the heartbeat heard
his Higher Power
placing him there
to think about it.

a january song

saving days from raving crazy train wrecks dazed
plodding the wobble of sadness sobbing
increased the senseless sorrow that never seems to cease
the sensitive sympathetic softly sighing silence speaks
give your attention honorable mention
soon the moon sweeps tides from wells of wishing
the east end best for bottom fishing
test lines fly the boats and brine the harbor sky misting
the tugboats call their foghorns blare
a January song a winters tale.

a jovial storyteller

cold climates call for her warmth
interiors home and hearth
for home a favorite haunt is where the blissful hummingbird I yearn for
is there
a jovial storyteller
smiles all the while into tomorrow
with the night a cozy right of passage
she takes a photograph with forethought thinking
will this make a good painting?
working out each problem by degrees
accepting life to let things be
to be at her best-to get her rest-to be present/upbeat
as she was as a young girl when the going gets tough “i’ll think about
it tomorrow”
to be in command when things get out of hand-experience
to wish for better days to want to take Harold’s hand,
to look him in his eyes and say do you still love me?
he may say yes or no but after all is said and done-you
know he does-
Pretty as a Penny to coin a phrase you mean so much
to all of us today and every day
on this platinum day we celebrate
your joy
your heart
your love

all our love always
all of us together,
the ones who admire
the tireless artist and mother
born under the element of fire
understated elegance
dancing with the stars.

a winter’s afternoon

astral projection
light years past meteors and stars
at a hastened clip
a rocket tied to every ship
and picking up the pace
aurora’s pearly white smile upon her golden face
to comb her flaxen curls
with the teeth of mars
waiting it out till the night
recedes in the glory of day
to light up the sky with blue
and the sun follows suit
to stay cool in a winter’s afternoon.

all but muddied

in the most wonderful remorse
the words spoken run their course
coarse the meanings fall between
the dirt that rains have all but muddied
actions speak louder when sullied
dry wit finds oppressive days
sad to see the crab scurry away
the end of her moon baths tug
quietly quick to clip her claw
against her lip
since June left hurriedly
done with the sun suddenly
about to change abruptly
the mums cannot lift their
white spiked heads
lazy Susan’s lay down in their beds
and nothing can be done with
roses sweltering as hydrangea keel
over and die in the very hot month
of July.


all is quiet in the middle of the night
the animals sleep while I write
looking for some solace self imposed
composed with words and woes
never do I know what to say
a gentle twilight before the day
the morning light will kiss all worry away
to know that dad and mom are okay
white skies will fill my heart with rain
with thoughts as bare as leafless limbs
to wish I had her back again
as soft as there’s a care
a hint of spring in the air
for never was a winter really there
and never will we be a pair
but I resigned in freedom and in love
to let go the chains of need and be as one
forever love will grow as pretty annuals
oh how we love our flowers and our animals.

as i am

it’s still fun
to write puns
to eat plums rich purple juice
dripping down my man Taylored suit
I love a good basket of fruit
weaving baskets would be fantastic
hope the orderlies are cute
they say my illness is min-ute
in a way there are fruits and
then there’s fruits
my kareoke roots
these made for stalking boots
those Christopher Walken blues
the rib that Adam choosed
break free and be your
manifest destiny
as soul as well you know
the word of God will set you free
think of me with fondness
I will try to be honest
a craft to laugh walking the path
to inner light though wish I might
to be an Adonis
I’ll be as I am
a poet with promise.

as mending

the surf is wild
in an inkling of twinkling
stars start in the sky covered by
twilight night has come and gone
rains and winds conjure cloudy morn
bliss to be alive and well and warm
the ground is wet regrets the storms
that push and pull the icy blasts
that beg forever torn aghast those
lose direction in fields that shield
zeal to feel and fast the appeal
has turned your pride to grass and stalk
to love the land you toil
the sun the moon the soil
to bear witness to your soul
the windy winding
road back home as mending.

baby blue

there is a great deal of sorrow in heaven
we cry their tears
they want so much for us
what they no longer have
i weep for you my angel
and long to hold you close
to protect you from all tyranny
and so my own
holding it together
for just another night
we feel so lost in longing
a moment of belonging
would help us be alright
an anger in the meanwhile
commence the barking wind
upon the shadows of the house
the shades of evermore
that led me to your door
in silence we were two
to have one job to do
i sat and looked at you
you are the one i knew
your purple heart is shining through
i love you with all my heart and soul
i will always love you baby blue.

balmy breezes

balmy breezes send to her
a restorative heart
lift the lady longing for
a liberty
that she may explore
of faith
the girl next door
places flowers in a vase
she sees and hears the injustice
of a manic depressive race
seeking brilliant minds
those knowledgeable in their
the learning curve for genius
idyllic as is fantasy
to heal in concentrated mentoring
you help those
find their reality
as something more
than unsettling.

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