a jovial storyteller

cold climates call for her warmth
interiors home and hearth
for home a favorite haunt is where the blissful hummingbird I yearn for
is there
a jovial storyteller
smiles all the while into tomorrow
with the night a cozy right of passage
she takes a photograph with forethought thinking
will this make a good painting?
working out each problem by degrees
accepting life to let things be
to be at her best-to get her rest-to be present/upbeat
as she was as a young girl when the going gets tough “i’ll think about
it tomorrow”
to be in command when things get out of hand-experience
to wish for better days to want to take Harold’s hand,
to look him in his eyes and say do you still love me?
he may say yes or no but after all is said and done-you
know he does-
Pretty as a Penny to coin a phrase you mean so much
to all of us today and every day
on this platinum day we celebrate
your joy
your heart
your love

all our love always
all of us together,
the ones who admire
the tireless artist and mother
born under the element of fire
understated elegance
dancing with the stars.

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