art is subjective – “I don’t know art
but I know what I like.”

the unity of opposites-
disbelief with truth,
fantasy to fact-color to understated,
mishap-invention, in collaboration
with the hand of God, ever finding
myself on automatic pilot,
taken over by a great kindness.

the teachings of artist/sculptor
Penny Kaplan, my beautiful
talented mother, who taught me
the tricks of the trade.

If God is
the director then surely I must be
the diva painting accordingly-
the stage my canvas, my feelings
the palette. influences-Picasso,
Chagall, Klee, Van Gogh, Monet,

to be casual in producing works sensing a certain vibration-variations
on a theme,
taking pedestrian pictures as my vehicle,
fashions feeling for the loved one, whether it be
nature, memory or a special someone.
Play on words,
rhymes come into play, for in a way, this is my bible-according to jak-
I’ve wanted to make a record of my
time on Earth, In God We Trust. I try to be honest sincere heartfelt
with each piece,
them all together to fill a gap,
the illusive obtrusive
rude awakenings of an aging soulful romantic
who sees the joy of the world in words.
description is the thing.

peace & love,


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