burnt blue orange flame

fantasy | poems

burnt blue orange flame
great harmony troubled
chaos clatter bells
see among the mire
heart fall in winter
call contagious rage
seethe silent grief
violent heaving stir thoughts
of her leaving
feeling foolish
brood mood consume evening
slowly chaste raw moon
give peace
an incredible place believing
circumstance follow interlude
heart felt rebellion twist my confession
professional courtesy dire-
love her
throughout all eternity
the summer fill the day
burnt-out August lulled cool
autumn blew the leaves away

winter looks colder than a dare
raped the autumn trees leaves them bare
in meadow mellow angels throw and catch their halos
like frisbees in the air
breezes crispy crackle sparks
fiery discs dart back and forth
faceted quartz lite different parts
humble the tumbled ore
from deep within earths core
so are we as deep as a sea
no sight of shore
and you coming through
like you never have before
I respect your pain
I love you like the grain of salt in rain

moved to tears
the fleeting years come and go
you’re tireless wireless
exceptional professional

raincloud paint the sun upset-
I pray the angels dry the sky
gentle beauty in her eyes
she cries to be in love.

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