a hungry place

family | poems

the sun shining
amber as maple syrup
sticking to twig and stick
grateful to be able
in the years of fable
blindly going forth
waiting for a renascence
fine art at your table
since first you cradled a ladle
and I the lady with a bagel
promise anything
but give her salami and cheese
while you whip up your liver pâté
in FILO dough you know
would be as smooth as Peter Pan
but then
the world is a hungry place
but I grew up
with broiled lamb chop
all over my face
and there was nothin’ finer
than Queenie’s apple pie
second helpings on my plate
date nut bread covered in cream cheese a fave
we didn’t know how to run the
meat would come out gray
my Twinkie for a Hostess cupcake!
to thine own Milky Way be true
I wanted food all the time
I couldn’t get enough
it was my significant supper
i guess that’s why I love you
like a Jewish mother.

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