in my memory to bear

God | poems | universe

eons ago I walked with you
frailty seemed frivolous
encountered the rounder points
the universe exclaimed
to question the exceptional
our tears identical
in the Cabernet of rain

there is a moment
in my memory to bear
bear hugs essential
from tremendous endless care
it is the wisdom I hear
out of the mouth of fear
that grips the lip
to shift into the death of us

holiday spirit there then gone
to think of God a winter long
in hopes that He will save the world
in summer for a freedom found
that I may feel again to find her
safe and warm and sound
where graceful love rebounds

in ocean sea river bay
the daughter of the water play
swim lake stream pond
nocturnal in the elemental bliss
covet the quiet kiss
that led a girl to this
to shed a tear like skin
that begs for bells to ring.

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