the long distant road


the long distant road
the road you rode sunny bright
the darken night
in warmth and cold
summer blister winter blizzard
whisper through the pine
sweet sister
golden ponder
paths worn wither leaves
grasses sleep vines decline
blossoms drop
to the hard cracked earth
change in time
branches bark in rhyme
winds die
birds fly
the horizon pearl blue
rose the rose anew
sparkle morning dew
spring forth a change is due
sleep that close the eyes

light hearted dawn clings to the song
of birds in morn
warmth melt broken heart
thaw the mountain stream
a mood
rainbow bow
moon shine night
violins and flowers
romantic hours
the sun descend in the west
dream in reality
travel tenderly explore
to rave would not endure
a house can’t stand without a floor
love is not a game if it mature
like fine wine to the connoisseur.

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