begin again

a true friend will never leave you forever
resting beside you as the tide ripples in
inspired by the greatness of you
my friend
in sickness and in health
batten down the hatches
in self-protection
catching her breath
forgiving with grace and depth
the furtive rivers flow away
to find a lesser death
dear friend i do explain
i was a loose cannon firing pain
casting away the moments
of such beauty in a flame
left with loneliness to claim
inside a troubled brain
in one’s own hell
fraught with fire yet brimming with gem stones
that cool and calm the raging storms
pools of daybreak tears have shown
a life-time of friendship i atone
your laughter fills this lonely guise
when i am so alone
I feel your presence gentle one
much gratitude promise so much feeling
unlike a bitter end
that seems forever long
may we be blessed
the right to be reborn
thankful for the time we shared
in solitude please hear my prayer
a chance to begin again.

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