to see you in the morning light
or afternoon shades of gray
after all the Fall will go
though warmth somehow will stay
i love you as the ripened fruit
the pangs of patient days
and i will only hurt you so
were i too soon to fall away
don’t fail me now even when
the pain is raw too stark the fright
i tell you this my sweetest friend
let night slip over you gently as a song
praying for you so difficult the words
save this sonnet for a quiet heart
i cannot write to save my sight
for bark upon a tree would give its greenery
legends made far weigh a wilderness
you aren’t less yet so much more
than this
i ask you for deliverance
too much want the lady carried to other responsibilities
she is a willow weeping tears
the toll taking pain staking hero
the energy is clear
a wake
sustaining ocean
rush in blue coldest depth
powdered sugar sands
without caution.

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