a chorus fills the air and fills her mind
rehearsing for the strength she needs to find
and flying to jamaica to leave new york behind
to bathe in balmy breezes with pleasures to design
she stirs the auditorium to make our spirits climb
to send the senses reeling as the diva is divine
they throng to hear each melodic tone
in every foriegn tongue and moan
where tears that fall for one and all
from heart and soul and drive
in the act of making magic come alive from pages in the score
welling up with feeling born deep within the core
she stands so elegant and grand above the foot-lit floor
and always leaves the audience enthralled and wanting more
her voice is heaven sent-the singer at the met
her friends and family worship and adore
saught by lucky students at her door
the lady has a way to make their spirits soar
and needing time to rest and to unwind
to find what the true meaning of life is for
to grow in her awakening
while strolling on warm golden beaches to renew old energies to store
when back from favorite haunts and hide-a-ways refreshed
to begin again once more-to greet the city lights that shine in eyes so bright
illuminating through soft celestial nights
from head to toe to reach the very heights.

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