east hampton

east hampton rocky beaches lead me there
upon a cliff the swelling sweeping breezes air
fill me with calm
a place without harm
dreaming by a fire warm
in denim for weekends delight
our little beach house creaking in the night
in summer hear the crickets laugh
the pool and bay we take a bath
grilled tuna, rice and salad
and time to roam
in early morn to be at home
immersed in the splashing waves and fog
and putting on another log in winters white and me in togs
a lucky day to spend this way
the vase still full with summers weeds of gold
here’s where we hold
the happiness nature unfolds
all around us
horses cows and fowl young and old
wavering grasses in the mighty coastline wind howling
whipping across the frost covered earth this to remember
a hideaway on eastern shores
to feel the comfort of those wide planked pine wood floors
a favorite time when flowers in a summers bloom
to sleeping till it’s half past noon
into september’s looming sky a harvest moon
end of summer’s summoning autumn soon
and all the while
across the bay our visions every mile
to visit driftwood lane and live the laid back style
a family haunt to wile away the hours for the sweetest of memories to file
to get that old certain feeling and for all a contented smile.

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