her time her love

she leads me to clear thinking
always in truth in waves upon the bay that catch a glimpse of how
she’s feeling, in sickness and in health
she is brave
for it is in her giving patience her time her love
working towards a goal to brainstorm
as surmise to judge the best way to proceed in an effort
most pleasing to be
to be calm as cool as jeweled waves upon the hourglass
of pristine sands she knows what she needs to be free-
a steady diet of peace & quiet would be amazing-
on some secluded isle on vacation-no stress and strain
no phones no favors nobody but a book a beach chair
and Claire by the waters edge
she’s been on edge,you must assist her, she is vital in
the prime of her life-if you love her tell her you’re
with her, all the days of your life.

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