hot flash

shut-ins can’t help themselves
from helping themselves
a storm forewarned
Dave Brubeck on the stereo
furry slippers teri-cloth robe
Bloody Mary tobbasco raw egg
chilly in here hot flash
take off the teri-cloth robe
kick off those furry slippers
sinking in sweat in the city yet
there’s a breeze coming in
from a window facing
the Hudson River
hungry what’s this chopped liver?
she sits on an ottoman
looking down at her feet
one of these days I will disappear
vapors fluctuate through hollow air
legato the tempo tight as strings might bear
in fluid speech to reach a golden peace
reserve the right to be less guarded please
everything I yearn was learned in stones across the water skipped
Gods speed come back to me
forever here to fashion ships
to know someone so well would not be quick
yet in the bloom an autumn cure is pure
you are the perfect woman at my dawn
to take me to a path where I belong
a welcome gate no place is safe as home
I wake as tides cry in my eyes because you ache
and I a lonely soul still moon.

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