if only they were there

she walks onstage shaking dark sparkly
the rhythm to her blues beneficent
a tribute to her parents her silent prayer
before the night grows old she wishes to share
if only they were there
sometimes it is as if she hasn’t a care in the world
yet life stays with you the same feelings since
she was a young girl
having fun under a golden sun sees her laughing
oh what struggle has left her baffled
confused her country abused sends tears flowing
marriage caught her unawares she trusted him
if only for the freedom of her party
rebellion is a way to incite riots
fearing that loved ones were close to dying
the woman on the stage is crying
aware she is a symbol for self expression
you cannot blame a girl for trying
the mezzo-soprano determined to end on a high note
gathers strength from all her hope
in peace and harmony wings of the dove
she blesses the audience with her love.

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