in the face of beauty

sleek silky Penny
truth humbling in the face of beauty
it is a duty to suit you
in jeans or a Mr Neds tuxedo
feeling silly pretty neato
she checks to balance the bills
and wastes no time with frills
needing a lift she’ll eat a ham
sandwich for thrills
the censored meat
when her life was a war of wills
yet no more the scores are
in her favor in the mood for
ice cream I’m dreaming of a
white flavor Häagen-Dazs like
the ones I used to know-
what do you do with 2 such
unhappy children? she tends
to herself-I can’t help them
with their problems-it pains me-
I’d rather not know-I need your
she sees herself as a seriously
comedic figure-life an irony
so grateful for it-she wouldn’t
change a thing, except
only kidding-
not really…

I love you mom!!!
happy pre-birthday!!!
all my love,
number 2

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