lifeguard tower

november eve
as passing through
winds sweeping dreams
to bring up themes of bluest hue from darkest passions
to hurl a yellow moon amid a deep blue sky
hints of fuchsia catch my eye as sleepy pink sands sink softly
–just under a shutter– sealed in thunder
royal band of blue ocean and sea-foams’ biting cold motion from
the shoreline reef, cause? Mother Nature is the reason
as a flag of red receives the season
whipping and chilling the winds come howling
to toast a host of tools to make ready
spread the paint, make it thick and steady.
i take you literally, well read red lifeguard tower
into my temple from eye to hand, bold red lifeguard tower, stand,
hibernate through the freeze till upon awakening
standing still and grand after winters fury
as first held warming breezes are felt of spring
when newest buds come beckoning
bringing beach-comers back to where it all begins again with allure
to while away the hours watching the coast-line of
Amagansett’s wild beguiling-awe inspiring far away off the beaten path
the serene and surreal
air so salty side of eastern shores.

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