looking for an ocean

words of beauty
bluebirds on the sill
the moon round and full
awake at dawn
coming about in a storm
wether the weather
wet as tears
your face gleaming
you harness the energy
that keeps you well
above sea level
looking for an ocean
to swim in
through a heartfelt heaven
east of Eden
if ever you would know
deeply sincerely
for all the pride
ever to say I love you
for love is difficult to hide
I wish you
cool sunny days
memories clarity
for joy is in knowing quips and parodies
the comedies and tragedies
the woman is reserved beyond her fears
as exhaustion may bring her to tears
everything is heard never say die
she’s there in the quiet of the night
bring her hydrangea from the garden in summer
anoint the night with candlelight.

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