mythic mystery

take me to a secret place where murmurs heard in hazy white
leaves of trees and surrounding weeds rustling into filtered light
pass this way dark and dim the site
fog and rain fill the wooden silence save for the dripping
of droplets on branches
ancient gnarled oaks reach out from cold frozen ground to the
great beyond–a chamber sits for one–black as the encroaching
density of sky undaunted to know the reason why and
asking for a place to hide and wile away the fears as in mourning
no sun and undone
the changing seasons run
supernatural rhythms virtue into rhyme as the blinding cold
bold biting motion of a perplexed penetrating wind with
never-ending toil blows with strong purpose to make each tree
bend and limb curl–suddenly stunned breaking boughs recoil
here in this place encased in hallowed soil
named through aperture–mindful focus–this piece of homage on the
to hurt no more–to heal and hold uncensored storms as
tomorrows longings for another time
senses quicken with desire striking ones own inner core
where magic history of Mythic Mystery is born of bliss and lore.

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