night leaks all over the day
like a potters wheel of clay
as an ocean held at bay
as a baby crying to be held
the magnitude the stormy stew
swept away strong the strength
sweeping streets
bringing in the leaves
no birds at their peck and caw
from out of sight
a miserable night
no signal left to call
the ancient ones
have won
The Fall
in inky black winds
taken aback
exhale with gales
on wailing walls
these gangster winds
hustle trouble in
in the night like a thief in the dark
to take part of the wrath of a God
with revenge in a heart to find
peace of mind in the blind eye
of a storm so historic we nonetheless
are heroic sitting alone stoic
unnoticed left to wonder
waiting for the windows to shatter
in a night of rain and roar
when nothing else much matters
except I love you all the more.

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