november night

November night
the blue lawn holds the
raspy rain
blown like missiles
icy on cedar planks
outside these windows
the world cries
to be let in and get dry
warmth a repast heat is a blast
cast away are the creatures of the Springs
the blue pine pine away the time
cold showers from a relentless
depraved rage alone intrusive
winter wind gusts interrupts serenity
hurled in frigid sheets an abusive severity
blown wet aggravation vexed
a monotone monotony
Greek chorus
through drafty eerie leaks
a loud sound riot
as quick
the rain is quiet
the waring wind wheezes like a pirate
some smattering of sprinkles on the glass
without worry no harm
no upset
but fast
a second wave of water hits the roof
the cats are sleeping through all of it aloof
and I am left still standing
with tomorrow
to exhibit the possible changes.

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