oh for the love

trust the walk through a dusty earth
rust the mighty metal melds and burns
held two hands
she wears his engagement band
an inconsistent temper
a bedside table seems an uncommitted decor
like leaves upon the grass, as a wave upon the shore
and never will he ask for more
delicate as a war surrendered
slim ernest dreamer
married his soulmate
and the summer sun rose with their Rani
and the winter bloomed with their june
and never was it sunnier than in a Larchmont afternoon
or those fair shores by the sea
everything they are we are a part of them
looking smart in their cardigans
forgive forget have a heart again
in love we must trust
as the swallows fly to Capistrano
there will be a tomorrow
it’s in our bones marrow
oh for the love of Penny and Harold.

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