sandy beaches

brown speckled gull
perched upon a pole
crashing waves
meet sandy beach
white foam surging
to and fro
gray water hurls
tremendous swirls
in cold and
vigorous splendor
in a tempestuous temper
from coldest ocean floor
in early september

insight for several miles at a stretch
coastal scenic indian wells
a place in autumn
to escape a hell
from feeling like a wretch
birds fly in pairs
without woes nor cares
their wings soulfully spread
admired yet oblivious to stares
combing the turf
as summer spends its worth
the turbulent surf seems
would never tire
no longer to drown my sorrows
there is method in her mirth.
she is water-i am fire
she betters my tomorrows

curious gray/white weather-worn
sea-gull taking her place in the mist
running across the waters edge
so happy doing this
colder days to follow
receding summer days of bliss
wading in the wistful waves
jeans rolled up to our calves
we welcome swells as hand in hand we stand
quelling all fears in water wind and sand
for somewhere sure on eastern shores to land.

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