the dove

in the course of mighty rivers
the river has a bend
to follow with leaps and bounds
to shiver near the end
splashes lap into the bath
that cradles in the curves
and never was a broken heart
spoken so disturbed
in worlds apart
the eagle darts
high above the mountain top
as just below in virgin snow
the river flows to paradise
forgiving the bold cold current
suffers in silence in timeless water
racing through the channel
more than tributaries can handle
to be as fishes swim
and none shall take part
in a whim
all may be lost a losing game too grim
without the love of him
he loves you like a Goddess
where all is right and well in the world
and though his love is modest
he’s the boy so filled with promise
you’re his girl you are loved
as the olive branch is coveted by the dove.

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