to let her be

come into play
see her swoon
under a pale December moon
the air thick with remembrance
resilient temperaments mince words
like leaves of peppermint
as you of many tunes resonate
climb the ivy trellis breaks the heart
and you an empty sigh
look up high beyond the night
where clouds a silky white chiffon
shine bright in the light of the sun
to Jupiter generous in his mirth
familiar shines the beautiful Earth
cool like water into wine
Apollo in his trusty ship take her on a trip
from his silver vessel see the angels wrestle
feast on milk and chocolate pretzels
speak telepathically
asteroids announce the arrival
flying across the Heavens in single file
all the while waiting for The Kingdom Of Heaven
in the year of our Lord
to answer our prayers to give
permission for remission a full recovery
to let her be well.


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