to share a world called home

to share a world called home
in our thoughts and in our hearts
may we not cower from any enemy
yet look to tomorrow with excitement and wonder
now is the summer of the time
to unwrap the present and be amazed
for it is a gift
worth everything
intrinsic truth the value
trust respect-virtues
peace prosperity treasures
good health and happiness-speaking volumes
our lives mutual realities
shooting stars streak across the sky
i will honor you my love
from the tip of my hat to the stars up above
i was waiting for you all my little elf life it’s true
the red compliments the blue
beacons shine through
to find you through the darkly nights
a shadow borrows secrets from the light
holding your hand upon the birth of the dawn
and here is where the beauty will unfold
in days to come beneath a sun so bold
to work and play are matters of the heart
i will always love you
revere you accept you
and keep on trying not to upset you
works in progress are a process
through success and crisis
we keep on keeping on
so grateful for our bond
and honey
that’s so much more
than a lot.

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