she waded in a clear cool pool
over the slippery moss covered rocks and stones
wet velvet to the touch and to the toes
sweet subtle soothing sweeping as softly speaking air fell and rose
trickling down her back the water bead flows
as the wind secretly blows
seduced by the feeling of calm she continued on
and standing straight and tall
escaping the hot sultry sun she sang beneath a waterfall
shimmering in cold wistful splendor wet skin gleaming from the rapture
nature pouring with a power and a promise of never ending
in solitude she stood and never bending washed away her tears with
the current sure and pounding from the hillside cracks it carried
a torrent of memories through the earth and jagged crannies
where wild flowers drink their fill
the dewy grass is married to the mud
as above the rushing water is in love
little baby turtles sing in tune
to crickets back and forth while lilies bloom
and mother birds swoop down to take a drink
and nibble soundlessly on berries blue and pink
snakes like vines swim silent under the great splash
the girl lowers her body slowly down into the water
licked into laughter by the willowy reeds and grass
the falling water ever steady in its pace
bubbling the reflection of her woman-childs face
on the wet hot banks two tireless rabbits run their race
and here is just that little piece of heaven on the earth
where sun and sky float on by with cloudy puffs
hugging at the new moon in a gently fine embrace
tugging at the young maidens need to wash the sand off from her feet
to climb up to the rocky reach and don her gown of string and lace
for evening has begun-the sun has dipped behind the hilltop wall
and walking home she hums a song to the gushing sound
of the waterfall.

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