His Will

poems | prayers

stem a pitcher of ice water
extend an hour glass form
clear as rain from translucent sky
angels try to catch their mindful arcs
listen to the sound of hawks as smooth moons glisten
currents abrupt wind pulls from a distance
into vast pools cast a world magnificent
humbles introspection
need not hesitate God is great to win His love exceptional
negate poison reiterate storms of reason
rekindle the heart a warming symbol
to appreciate the time it takes
by starlight breaks for heaven’s sake
a sign inclined to signal
the appropriate associated mingle
in the middle of a malleable festivity
to gain kindred kind

I love you more than I love myself
it’s not myself I wish to spare
it is you lovely angel prepares
despair is a rarity in your makeup
charity tells me your view
Chabad the reservation
a temple in the trees
in silent prayer I meditate on these
whatever frees won’t kill
may God bless us with His Will
this time upon the Earth of love and peace.

Happy New Year.


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