family | poems

moon pearl white
hung in the depth of night
vows lift spirit clouds
water breaks a star is born
shout embossed golden bevel
heart soldered bright metal
lost love brittle
settle sequence salted buttery
into tense regard subtly
haven’t learned the pain of sorrow
into the night I
never knew her bliss
is what I miss
to honor the badge
of tribes gone mad inside
a weakness for pale eyes
thoroughly wise
her prayers into hazel skies
I wonder where I might care
to feel a calm will bless
a kin to see her son
would sense the world his happiness
of much a thing is won
address the best inspire him
to greet the world with everything
for her little boy
toiling and triumphing
there is gold in them there hills
you did well all his well loved life
in the moments you may be wondering.

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