write down the prose

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write down the prose
in sweet repose
try to sleep
I count on you sheepishly

ensconced in deepest grief
I know not why
that I should cry
the colors dance on walls

red green purple blue
vivid retreat and overalls
the view won’t let me close my eyes
there’s no one I must compromise

no plunge off peers
I talk to my heart with sympathy
buy myself some Tiffany
read a chapter capture laughter

eat a dish of something rich
the night is still
salvage tears
get on scale-
more tears

a lone girl wolfs down her meat
she is discreet wants to be alone
explore the stainless refrigerator
steal immoral morsels of food
no one looking she can’t be rude

cover from head to toe with lotion
dry as sandpaper-parched as parchment
what ever became of the little girl from Larchmont? we moved to Greenwich-

I remember the gold inlay on the rectangular marble table-the knotted wool karistan the Stuebin
on the break front-dad winding the Tiffany clock-mom painting on the round kitchen table-

then at 5 o’clock mom sautéing one of her famous concoctions while dad poured himself 2 fingers-

I was able to have an open mind-I was capable
sleepy time tea occasionally camomile
milk and honey on the other side of the fridge
yogurt berries banana granola
wait till they go then have your cola

relationships-tell new friends I’d like to get to know ya-
adapt to others with ebb and flow
don’t cry in front of a guy
hold on to yourself till he leaves and then fall apart

he didn’t want your heart just a field day with
your body
so much sadness no party

East Hampton winters a comfort
living humble in my Ponderosa
organic French roast coffee 2% milk
updated phenomenal kitchen in 2 weeks
2 happy 2 be sad.

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