a mind in kind

philosophy | poems

and the angel said
we work together here in heaven
receive a reprieve redeem in reverence envelope the meridian,
rhythm resound regard
cyclical symmetrical symbols
send seekers to your cavernous unabridged gap to live and let live, as
wind falls short of breath caught like a hawk swift upon prey-day will
dawn come peach and plum that boast the horn of plenty
salt of the earth ocean waves
save untimely minutes many
lucky go merry as lite as a faerie,
reduce the juice plump and heavy,
hold love in the palm of your hand,
greet loved ones like waves upon
the sand, ever humbled by the beauty of ocean breezes, summer days to
feel this way a heart so warm beckons
the sun to shine for thou and thine in a most sunburnt season-
to fathom faraway come what may
a mind in kind may reason.

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