grounded in reality from a life imbued in fantasy school of thought sad rhapsody the world revolves the casualty the heartfelt faculty slight of hand grips the gripe of melancholy your image in memory the woman of my century to sink or swim our chemistry a temperamental remedy-my elemental melody, ancient path to hear yr laughter lovely as a reverie.

for all the world i touch

in the course of mighty rivers challenging channels caught cold quivers quizzical shivers crimson creatures absorb light tints of night right in the middle of second sight
appeal the real spin the whim reduce the speed sleep well my steed run run the tears the task turn dark as night time come
and i alone catch colder still upon the breath of heart that kill the ever lost that never will-the milk is spilt i cry
and never was the stubborn day that end the year and this dear bay that swim the rim and beg to play a song sung low remorse must tow a wreckage of a ship at sea the hull of heaven miss her plea to be as free as she can be the torrent wind whisper
a fascination pursue a nation a revelation doubt creation and i a worldly novice ask for solace in the tropic of my silence end the vile creature stress the promise of a wretch the wicked with the license wither you go you know the flow of words will do to honor you but in the dark the cavern flood the deep sea caves are filled with mud arouse the time to rise and shine to fall the wick burn thick till done the shadow knows from whence it come and answer this my sweet resist to you and yours a best exist till day is here i tell you dear i am the one who fear the dawn if ever one felt as forlorn.

wind blow

wind blow ice cold out to sea
grasses gold wavering wheat
fishes fowl run the hour
in their harmony
trust just love must let the Angels be

in time thou thine a part of me
inside cries for the heart of thee
time will tell you what befell you
when first I saw your pretty face

God gift amazing grace
He can take it all away
may you stay don’t turn away forlorn
without delay return the day reborn

to meet the most Holy Ghost in early morn
toast the host with all your Heaven brethren
that spill the tears to heal a hurried welcome
tend a field of wild flower
marigold beguile

hammer gold moulding old and tired
paintings for a public view invite you
images from dark to light pose a prayer in evening night
of pools to dive into

the water cool as wind wend westerly
alone again to get the best of me
a self made prophecy manifest destiny
where are you my mistress of ceremony?
candid in your ministry medicinal
seeing God on Sundays
a little bit closer
may I count on you?

my decisions easier
having bouts reason blur
out with a curse
that empties the purse
that questions my very bliss

time measures everything
quick to overwhelm
the realm of age
turn a page
rustle of parchment scent of cologne
the comfort of being alone

love that is giving
inspire to yearn
evergreen pining
your humble sage with Taurus rising.


brews mood
ruining winds feud
Mother Earth barely out of grief
without a page to leaf
more than most minimal
doubts herself cynical
moments bless the miracle
from the ethereal pinnacle
something queer
about snowstorms austere
white packed snow
pushes it’s weight around
trees fall down
on buried ground
finding fuel futile
brute blizzard barrels brazen
pale moon mute
sky of white wears overcoat of night
to keep the frost bite trite
winds batter the bay
the world still for a day
sun cannot find
a warmth he has lost
though wins his will to shine
the moon feeling fine
tells the sun do not die
you’ll always be a friend of mine
snow angels appear
in oceans icy foam
they bless every being
in the evening and they say
honor your loved ones
they are the shore
that you’ve been looking for
all your life
forever more.

the love

the love is in the character
sparkling water
sheepish sheer pleasure
live forever
in the heart and mind
every gesture
sung slow sweet
the hillside hours brave
lonesome gorgeous maven
find you in your haven
held to form
a child is born
the burly brilliant storm
two thousand years yield morn
in fields of yellow corn
as after all the blossom bring the thorn
recede the flaky leaf from frigid frost
the bible speak to all of them
redeem the mighty worst
exceed the current curse
that list from side to side
walk once more on water
through the countryside
God bless to be alive
may dignity survive
lit candles to the cold black sky
I miss you more than I can say
rain a painters gray
loved you since the day we met
walking by the bay and yet
with words you speak
we seek the moon and stars
in a better light
goodnight angel
God bless you sweet friend
day is at an end
tomorrow my regard for you
a masterpiece of whites & blues
an anthem in the morning dew
the past is past the future cast
the doubt of night be but a dream
without a loss I have not seen
the war is won forever
in a place where the heart lives
the golden wake of sleep
the rise and fall of the season
ever changing
find you
pristine water
to sooth these dry eyes.

arise sun star

surreal appeal arise sun star
airwave rave cloud shade
intuitive sky blink brink of pi
primitive pyramid invite sycophantic reply sky cry
dark dank ship in night sink sank heart trouble flip flaunt
fall over ice hot burn bitter
smart lark fly away snow in winter
odd duck scold geese cold feet
pray for Spring blue loon
return idiosyncratic moon
high tide yearn seethe churn
rancor rip anchor rope burn
wave invade bow slope stern
breadth length of Long Island
erode dissolve sand clamor clam
dig herself a hole ocean floor
she knows not how to ask for more.

in cool morning

in cool morning
heaven spills rainwater
from their loving cups
dousing flames disrupt
shoring up from shore the more
the roar erupt

the sun weighing tons
like a ship having sunk
cannot find his place in the sky
evil eye penetrate the rhyme of God
as though there isn’t time
to do with what is want

a symphony of sighs
clarify strides
with wisdom wise
attach the tale to butterflies
have so much charisma
in cherished leaves loden green
turn dry to die in winter

receive the gifts many miss
better bliss a bounty at your table
a welcomed hug
the sun-kissed wish
that fits in with the fable

if a grumble when you stumble
a grimace wanting has you humble
seems most sacrificial
to be practical
the experience thoughtlessly startling

harbor an hour scent of a flower
rose the blossom of brilliance
chose to make a difference
in your powerful existence

however long the distant bloom
through rainy night or chilly noon
thinking of you
palest moon
so soon mid-summer.

everybody detaches

everybody detaches
groundwater poison
by the root of misgiving
deplorable adorable children

nights unwilling
want a memory
evenings tentative upset

blend toxic oils
heart function spoils
my world toils to bring me back

night to forget what can’t be remembered
split the cream from milk of letters

redeem serene pleasure
conceal fire in embers
rewrite night tempers
love forever

sense senseless sentiment
censor development ever wrecked the betterment
trust and settlement

you came along as if I were on the phone and
called it in
lost the planet to the war of enchantment

hurt the one you love
a soul romantic
looking for a rose enamored
candid valiant valentine

hover reduce speed
space ships in my hair
comb lobe brush cortex
adverse verb bite to curb the night

in words take flight fidget with gadget grumble
nĂºmero uno undone undo
in unison two part harmony

a shirk-less shrink
in powder blue
invisible ink coming through

the boy in you so cool I love that cat
a brat as I am batty
some would say to my face think that I’m a fatty

I am nothing but a slave to my environment
count the days I may honor it
count the ways to ponder it
fonder of phrase I fondle it

cradle the wonder
as I wander incapable
in fable tolerating it
hit rock bottom the other day when Dr. told me
I might have 5 years?


concrete thoughts egregious
body of water in agreement
cascade sparkling sun drench
spit splashes lashing out
wave them in
beaches bearing creatures in the foam

dilapidated beach house groan
windy wooden slatted home
weathered white paint chip crack craze
extend from the surface raised
like seagull wings
stretched away walls dingy gray
eroded brass hardware greenish black
abandoned to the sea salt air never coming back

muse the muse of love the rite of Spring
Venus in the world would bring
love to everyone and every living thing
with heart to light ones darkest night to sing

bells will chime like heartbeats to the rhyme
acts of kindness let sorrow be
in a world that seems the test of time
love is ever soft serene
appreciate the stars the sea
the earth renew our destiny.

wonderful wondering

wonderful wondering
where the varied melody
transfixed as a memory
call for charms exemplary

twitter of a bird
in flight to night the sky
so deep the eve would pale his grief
with feelings harsh as hail

resume the cold draft air
puddles pour a bath
cool as pools to lap
leave a brooding lurid laugh

the Antarctic blast
cast the frigid fate
would make a heartache
in need of warmth

thank you for waiting
beside my garden gate
thoughts of you relate
sharing your soul

in a world at peace
i see you bearing treats
under the elegant pine
work boots on your feet
like a diamond in a mine

let me understand
everything too difficult to say
I search for meaning
in your well being
a portrait to portray

douce the flame of fantasy
put out fires rigorously
reticent in recent years
to advance in my infancy

lose the truth reluctantly
learn from cunning secrecy
elevate the lethargy
that chokes what spoke in clarity

hide the whim of wisdoms sting
like bees caught up in a bunch
I’d like to catch the reason
never let it go

when I hear rain
I get fearful all over again
calm collect me writing then
in prayer for an eloquent pen.