i guess

clamor to the glamor of the dawn
listen to the bluebirds song
continue on
may God bless
where nothing’s wrong

i guess
rest is best
to quell the fallen fell
as fellows tell
chime in the bell will ring
a melodic hypnotic spell
that only time will tell
that give and take
the dwelling of mistake
identity of late for greater sake

forsaken shaken sky
thunder in the wonder of an eye
plunder the summer of joy
fall careen with color seen
by all the fear we mutter more

winter shutter cloudy rowdy days
in waves rough and cold and gray
make room for holiday
nestled in content
i love you more than i have wept
and catch the dream i’ve kept.

for you

for you
sage fume
cloudy mist tint blue
green stem stalk past
the pasture where we laughed
smiling sun upon purple plum
the blossom of her care
she sympathize the eyes of cries
regarding butterflies
delicate creatures perfect features
pond meadow rainbow 🌈 rose the row of colored crows in Autumn leaves that glow
then to leaf through books
that bind the mind back through time line for line
winter cometh the spruce and pine embark the heart ♥️ of rhyme.

poor little fishes

poor little fishes in the sea
what become of you
what become of me

in my heart
life start
startled by the crashing wave

we remain
today is near
i love you dearly

in obedience i may cherish
she’s the only one just her
civil disobedience never cross her
with grimace and censor

calm midnight blue
sigh the night away
paint is a great cooperating

dusty pink sand in yr boot
where am i when you are mute

mutual hearts say it all
spring into summer
from a fall to winters frozen frail
winter babies all
i love you most of all.

i adore the Earth

i adore the Earth my home
a place to call my own
the river bend and moan
the ocean white with foam

i hear a bird at dawn
she sing a lovely song
i see the sea is blue
the horizon and Heavens too

i see a sea of sky
that fill her gray blue eyes
in hope there is a prayer
for God to always be there

will you see me someday
where we may work and play
i pray for you to be okay
my heart is full and gay

i long to see you smile
across the cloudy miles
i fear it’s but a dream
to have a world for my girl and me

don’t worry baby blue
for i remember you
my messenger my guide
my starry night your moon won’t cry.


blow wind blow

blind wind blow snow pack punch timid time reject be gone leave eave the roost farewell warmth’s habitual memory static fantastic temperature plunge redundant duties done to sleep in shadow shade
fade a sinking sun
bliss kiss the risk of mist revert redeem
the evergreen hid amid a sleeve of sheen

angels frozen to the wing crackle to the fired wick quick as moths to a flame as do i to hear your name sweet refrain branch upon window pane fields wheat as sweet as grain flourish across the dewy plain in sunshine and in rain

whistle of a train rail through hill and dale
moonlight bright or pale blue sky and windy gale i feel for the ones i fail from my
powerless jail

time capsize my mind the need to be as free tender as a tree restless as the sea
when i was young and 23.

kindness shine sublime

kindness shine sublime.

kindness shine sublime
unwind the wind in the middle of a whim to hide my foolish grin.
you taught me self esteem. I was so lowly before and since.
eyes wince to win the river rinse
baptized by tides of prints the earthen clay red rust in leu of you to bring me better days.
the sun will rise to sympathize the path is overgrown and thick with leaves as nights lonely prose of woes that chose like roses close and I a withered wit without a candle wick to flicker nor hear your morning song in winter long I hold the memory worldly wise of kindness in eyes that shine sublime.

will the wonder

will the wonder.

will the wonder surge the sea
see you as you are
a shining star upon the heavens
on the horizon of the earth plane
trace the smile of her face
commit to memory i embrace
a simple rhyme
thunder of her grace divine
humanity candidly corrupt
conspire the night ensue the moon
silver light play
against the backdrop azure sky
the earth reflect her mirth
in worlds apart with loving heart
she know the temper
of a centaur in december
do not hurt
when you remember
this old girl.

the loved one

the loved one
familiar beautiful
walk with you
in joy and pride

for all the words
we hide
the best as yet to bring
looking back we’ve just begun
once more again begin

the night fit like an old pair of shoes
the jacket with the patches
find elbow room

happy times elate
sentimental sweet caress
share the gentle care
much thoughtful tenderness

hurried were the days
daunted worry

remembered bliss
that little pout
that gregarious character that laugh out loud

thunderous wonder rewards
a portrait to recapture

human nature
build on higher ground
pearl in oyster
intact a tactful act
the actual fact
fiction a mission
delirious depiction
utopian artifact

you are a vision
for four poor eyes
between reason and disguise
sing songs of the season
subdue your tears with lullabies

birds flight in the light of the midday sky
the sun is as round as a Gods Eye
He watches over us with warmth
to lighten our days

the moon
with an encore
of “moon river”
the oceans weep
pray to heal all wounds not hinder
from depths as deep in winter.

the foreign moon

the foreign moon
I beg your pardon some pale night
seeing her again in a new light
makes heartache mend
words we send
getting a grip the script transcends
I am one to quip a card
a joker takes it hard
a smoker barred
to know her barely heard
water springs forth spring in springs
the rebirth of all things brings
naturally aged with time
yesterday’s grapes tomorrow’s wine
little kisses sweet and kind
deeply missed last goodbyes
early summer cries I love you so
so few chances to tell her so
for liberty her heart would
gain to rise above the pain
to call out her name in the
pouring rain
as she rides over rough terrain
angel morning dove
I will think of you
your gentle hug
with love

dreamy eyes

unwritten thought feel
taken to adapt
never lose the choice to choose
vocal in periwinkle blues

chasing a miracle
invisible invincible prophet
science for a rocket
picture in a locket
semi precious stones inside a pocket

alone with the angels
guarding overhead
something that they do
while we sleep soundly in our beds
to every kind gesture said
persevere the lives
a fight within to give it up
which could erupt

how lucky it’s been
the woman whistle
through the wood
sun reflect her innocence
dream the theme of summer
the gloved hand of a farmer

water earth sky the season
affirm the reason
sunrise dreamy eyes
love the dark
the light of day will stream

stars light the sky
perfection is a feeling
true is a life lived aloof
the camera breathes with every proof

candles bright the sense of night
in the light of a cool Spring moon
to say i love you miss you
with tears the size of elephant ears

how good of you
she with sensitive eyes
strive to try
you will heal

when we see each other again
count her fingers and her toes
kiss you hug you hello
dance with you under the moon
on a lake
farmer in good faith
every breath taken
never forsaken
the very depth upsetting
the function of creation
since we first met
react a tactful fact
you are my Mac
I am your jak.