dreamy eyes

friendship | love | poems

unwritten thought feel
taken to adapt
never lose the choice to choose
vocal in periwinkle blues

chasing a miracle
invisible invincible prophet
science for a rocket
picture in a locket
semi precious stones inside a pocket

alone with the angels
guarding overhead
something that they do
while we sleep soundly in our beds
to every kind gesture said
persevere the lives
a fight within to give it up
which could erupt

how lucky it’s been
the woman whistle
through the wood
sun reflect her innocence
dream the theme of summer
the gloved hand of a farmer

water earth sky the season
affirm the reason
sunrise dreamy eyes
love the dark
the light of day will stream

stars light the sky
perfection is a feeling
true is a life lived aloof
the camera breathes with every proof

candles bright the sense of night
in the light of a cool Spring moon
to say i love you miss you
with tears the size of elephant ears

how good of you
she with sensitive eyes
strive to try
you will heal

when we see each other again
count her fingers and her toes
kiss you hug you hello
dance with you under the moon
on a lake
farmer in good faith
every breath taken
never forsaken
the very depth upsetting
the function of creation
since we first met
react a tactful fact
you are my Mac
I am your jak.

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