in the twinkle of a starry night

in the twinkle of a starry night the
hurt felt bones receive an ocean depth
that wept in stream of tears sweet as
baby’s breath

immaculate amulet will you accept
a stone skip a summer set morn

cornucopia, the dawn
a verse to believe in the Lord
hale the wail that scale the wall
i try she cry they die and why?
that never meant to cause you pain

a dream of self the me
exclaim the fiery flame
she may never be the same
eyes fill with rain
adapt dark night conceive the light
faraway green a theme of horses free
instill me their imagery
a brush with paint
pursue a Saint
His laughter of virility

the distant miles
where are you
empowered flower 🌹 in the Spring to spring in Springs and sing to the bees and the birds ever forever in thought to inscribe

this wish become the mist so missed
the miss throws fits
her mind is blown to bits she grieve without her wits
to write the like of writs
like this brisk wish in
star filled sky

her beautiful mind
aligned starshine bright
her kindness sublime
day and night.

ode to my mom

you gave me life
blossom in winter
getting thinner
lovely cuddly
continual dawn of day
in the sunset
of her youth
she speak her truth
immaculate spoof
the ever changing wind
rain to wet the chute
to the root
the winter welcome
her brilliance
astute her pursuit is neat
warm hands warm feet
an olive branch extend
the dove so much my friend
attentive mild mend
any hurt i wallow
she fill my heart
like a walk in the park
shades of gray tint
light to dark
she means so much
everything to me
no need to search
for my significant other
tho lonely like a stone
i have
my beautiful
significant mother
she welcome
without exception
me back home
so much self expression
she is
the quintessential conceptual
in reflection
mirror the images in her mind
paint the rain as wine
to master and to find
design that bind
a rite
that write the rhyme
grace the space
perceive the weave
between the lines.

kindness shine sublime

kindness shine sublime.

kindness shine sublime
unwind the wind in the middle of a whim to hide my foolish grin.
you taught me self esteem. I was so lowly before and since.
eyes wince to win the river rinse
baptized by tides of prints the earthen clay red rust in leu of you to bring me better days.
the sun will rise to sympathize the path is overgrown and thick with leaves as nights lonely prose of woes that chose like roses close and I a withered wit without a candle wick to flicker nor hear your morning song in winter long I hold the memory worldly wise of kindness in eyes that shine sublime.

will the wonder

will the wonder.

will the wonder surge the sea
see you as you are
a shining star upon the heavens
on the horizon of the earth plane
trace the smile of her face
commit to memory i embrace
a simple rhyme
thunder of her grace divine
humanity candidly corrupt
conspire the night ensue the moon
silver light play
against the backdrop azure sky
the earth reflect her mirth
in worlds apart with loving heart
she know the temper
of a centaur in december
do not hurt
when you remember
this old girl.

the loved one

the loved one
familiar beautiful
walk with you
in joy and pride

for all the words
we hide
the best as yet to bring
looking back we’ve just begun
once more again begin

the night fit like an old pair of shoes
the jacket with the patches
find elbow room

happy times elate
sentimental sweet caress
share the gentle care
much thoughtful tenderness

hurried were the days
daunted worry

remembered bliss
that little pout
that gregarious character that laugh out loud

thunderous wonder rewards
a portrait to recapture

human nature
build on higher ground
pearl in oyster
intact a tactful act
the actual fact
fiction a mission
delirious depiction
utopian artifact

you are a vision
for four poor eyes
between reason and disguise
sing songs of the season
subdue your tears with lullabies

birds flight in the light of the midday sky
the sun is as round as a Gods Eye
He watches over us with warmth
to lighten our days

the moon
with an encore
of “moon river”
the oceans weep
pray to heal all wounds not hinder
from depths as deep in winter.

the love

the love is in the character
sparkling water
sheepish sheer pleasure
live forever
in the heart and mind
every gesture
sung slow sweet
the hillside hours brave
lonesome gorgeous maven
find you in your haven
held to form
a child is born
the burly brilliant storm
two thousand years yield morn
in fields of yellow corn
as after all the blossom bring the thorn
recede the flaky leaf from frigid frost
the bible speak to all of them
redeem the mighty worst
exceed the current curse
that list from side to side
walk once more on water
through the countryside
God bless to be alive
may dignity survive
lit candles to the cold black sky
I miss you more than I can say
rain a painters gray
loved you since the day we met
walking by the bay and yet
with words you speak
we seek the moon and stars
in a better light
goodnight angel
God bless you sweet friend
day is at an end
tomorrow my regard for you
a masterpiece of whites & blues
an anthem in the morning dew
the past is past the future cast
the doubt of night be but a dream
without a loss I have not seen
the war is won forever
in a place where the heart lives
the golden wake of sleep
the rise and fall of the season
ever changing
find you
pristine water
to sooth these dry eyes.

dreamy eyes

unwritten thought feel
taken to adapt
never lose the choice to choose
vocal in periwinkle blues

chasing a miracle
invisible invincible prophet
science for a rocket
picture in a locket
semi precious stones inside a pocket

alone with the angels
guarding overhead
something that they do
while we sleep soundly in our beds
to every kind gesture said
persevere the lives
a fight within to give it up
which could erupt

how lucky it’s been
the woman whistle
through the wood
sun reflect her innocence
dream the theme of summer
the gloved hand of a farmer

water earth sky the season
affirm the reason
sunrise dreamy eyes
love the dark
the light of day will stream

stars light the sky
perfection is a feeling
true is a life lived aloof
the camera breathes with every proof

candles bright the sense of night
in the light of a cool Spring moon
to say i love you miss you
with tears the size of elephant ears

how good of you
she with sensitive eyes
strive to try
you will heal

when we see each other again
count her fingers and her toes
kiss you hug you hello
dance with you under the moon
on a lake
farmer in good faith
every breath taken
never forsaken
the very depth upsetting
the function of creation
since we first met
react a tactful fact
you are my Mac
I am your jak.

cellophane moon

complacent cellophane moon
hung out to sigh till noon
to ruminate the painted sky
flirt with a world apart
toss light beams far
candid star
fixed amidst the clouds and brooding sun
Venus vexed veers east of west
however in a spell the realm is real
for fantasy over rainbows feel
adrift before Earth to find
when God embodied man in kind
without the fear that borrows time
lacked the labored act that racked the thought
and broke the back
still in quiet chance suggest the night
enhanced in beauty ageless youth
the duty of your inspired rage
sets you apart from a sensitive sage
and I your lonely voice to dwindle down
if only to be a happy clown were i not a fool
to poison pen and say amends
when breaking all the rules and then
wellness wanted but not enough
life can be sweet life may be rough
if you’re who I think you are
you’ve heard enough.

with you

with you in the world
tears glisten
as I listen to the sound
of raindrops on the ground
growing gracefully old
more than rain
cry across the plain
wash away endless sky of gray
overcast the hurt and pain
like streams of consciousness
blurt the love of guilt I know not of
flowers still-life wilt
yellow white stems perfumed
my heart is full to think of hue
endangered only seems
a wasted tangerine
exhibits blush of ruche
roughened by the blues
I so need sky
to fly on speckled wing
to lose the most of things
I alone in ego
trace my steps Amiga
in hopes the carefree sprite
effervescent sparkles bright
telling tales spinning spills
in hurried whim
to let the good times in
the sheer lithe memory
swim here this century
bless the rest of everything
heart of a champion
in the minds of gallantry
waters gush into pools
pale bluish green
do not hurt the coy
yet feel the joy of summer rain
that feels the cool upon the face
has timely mix
the angels may assist the soft truths
that call you here
in peace and love
western dove
the acceptance of a dream
a willow by a stream.

the more I love

cast a line unbroken bond an anchor fonder foibles gone, in the blush
of summer warm a trip enthused
to dip my muse in leaves of gold to leave a portrait mold the mask
clay crazed with ink on porcelain, pinches pots tall and slim what
have me nots walls thin obscure red cadmium, a chance to paint my
upon the gates to fence me in-in bravery to battle sin
one settles for a common theme as more distraught a flaw have been,
but for a whim to win or lose with everything-amused the losses
prove-moving me to choose the blues/
pink hues in skies of gray-and were it yet the way
I feel for you today, the more I love, the words
have more to say, in gratitude and prayer I try
again to care
coming about in the wind without
coming apart as it seems, to win my dreams.