how long you’ve got?

office building dr wherefore art thy
really really nice guy
Anglo-Saxon mentor sire
in slacks rolled up sleeves tie attire
slack in his duty? never lacks
nor lags behind a test of time
how long you’ve got?-never mind-
me I barely drink a fluid
roving ruthless tired toothless
life sunk into a ditch
fables fallacies fictions fantasies
bitter into the brink
forewarned of poisoning
shades all thought
lamps turn off
on sidewalks of New York
early morn
morning doves yawning
in the dawning of the dark.

in the main

cool moon loom cloud strewn
bathe in the wave a stormy brew
pick up the pieces of artifact
dormant adornment renewed
love forever resolves
the heart of hearts is rock
to waste not one minute longer
fell the faint repose
a scent of essential rose
causes me to live again
compose the pearls of prose
to know you in the world
meeting you on the apron of the proscenium
applauding the prologue well writ
hung lanterns like half moons the theatre is well lit
I chug my mug drinking half the carafe
no one laughs
good humor seems a fault-old habits heed to halt
the even measure of a tender talk
insulted by the casualty of salt upon the broiled beef
the look in eyes foretelling of their disbelief
regardless of the hour a restless breath
would you not care the heart would break
a jealous death would take my soul
in darkness rivers I to drown
without the loveliness of you to find
one crystal clear morning
with love and drawing
memories in mind
encased in lace and gold finery
in ancient places old fiery
remembrance enfold a dynasty
in weather cold and blustery
spring chill the air is bold musty
a pause to paint the plausible rain
to let go of the worry
as time heals all fury in the main.