the realm of the real

the realm of real
rite the night
fill the throng with song
fly by light the spirit soar
rainbow bright white lit dawn

I ask of you to stay with me
a little while pray with me
lantern by the sea
walk together candidly

vivid thought
sacred heart
friend in rain most bitter dark
antique post modern avant-gard

off to your diamond studded stars
bedecked bejeweled redeemed renewed
while I paint faintly moody moons
avenues in text express

Prometheus unbound-find him dancing around the grounds
in these infinite coastal towns
the bay is sound
fog horn rip torn sleep
replete the hours peace
in quiet
sweet silent
drift down the river like Ophelia
hope harbor keeling not rob her of her feeling
peek into day dawn shy wink sky pink sparkle sunrise
link the universe mere verse cannot endeavor to recapture
such brilliant rapture
the slow glow in tone of a flower blossom open in a moment

arise full stature yellow golden flame
behold the Sun magnificence the center to the Mane

all creation spin in resolution
syncopated time unfold in unison.


star etch scratch
Bombay stretch path
rain stained street black
market place hurry haste fallen to your present state

breathe hookah hashish in rough honed alley
emerald mine dust grime the sound of bells abound
citadel pray palms sway canyon quake awakened by the dawn

fires roar animals roam towns poor no repair
rubies in dark cold archives of museum
shoeless children grow old with winter a fragile fanaticism
feed a family-dog and cat the delicacy-
western thought fight reference

night drenched fear relentless monsoon
morbid gloom so many doomed with people to spare-
minimal miracles bargain cynical sovereign
you suffer the mother of silence regarding violence

too pale a positive position know from reading volumes voluminous bibles in the throes of trial by era time capsule
centuries call in the monolithic overpass well rounded minds invaluable

rock ledge hold
cavern paved with gold-star studded sapphires in the chamber
echo mellow fault-line crack giant formation beg for
pressure to be released sons and daughters tied to the deceased-

jarred immutable condition reduced to tears
loosen inhibition-losing faith an exorcism-
the blind dream of vision without a set plan nothing pans out
break tradition make a beeline for antihistamine
banish the malice from being

drink to your manifest destiny-
exhibit the harmony pray for light of day
may the sky be filled with sun
praise The Lord
The Lord is one.

gravitate a humble life

gravitate a humble life
light the moonbeams in the night
swear the angels get it right
rascals seem so erudite

counter boundless energy
Shake needles off pine
drink until deplete of wine
the grace of grapes la fete upon the vine

you in your state of mind
cannot relate to mine
inherent to be kind so much to bear
impose the time to find me there

gentle gracious angels in the city
summers take a tunnel to the sea
everywhere is farmland green and pretty
fruit stands line the streets a local litany

back home quiet transcends the traffic
that forced it’s way into my psyche
homespun into the fabric
a lonely stone bridge the road
to paths well known

incredible wisdoms derived from laughter
see them then as the hereafter
looking grave a mortal slave begs The Lord
to save my loved ones as myself from harm

a life well spent takes so much good to vent
around the world my heart is holding on
to sing about the days ahead
to mourn the loved ones that are gone

there’s purpose in service to a dream
build fulfill not fall in between
cheer the deer as no one ever may
reach for a star come up with another day

life is at it’s best when filled with rest
the rest will somehow happen so it seems
direct your attention to the heart of dreams
a night of stars humble the request
receive a village hidden in the trees.

when night is never commonly

when night is never commonly
trees swoon southernly
canst rekindle comfortably
desire in monotony

fill will transparent
fall into Atlantic
fasten the romantic
eyes meet moon melodic

dire feeling ill-equip
to martyr your sweet cause
the one of welts and whip
raw unrelenting grief guilty grit

imagine you and I somewhere on a ship
on holiday to take a trip
with rainbows on our lips
from ports of call to feed our souls

white winter angry
world bold as bitter brandy
ocean roll cold sandy
wind is gaunt and gangly
moon marooned at noon
until stars share his sky.

wonderful wondering

wonderful wondering
where the varied melody
transfixed as a memory
call for charms exemplary

twitter of a bird
in flight to night the sky
so deep the eve would pale his grief
with feelings harsh as hail

resume the cold draft air
puddles pour a bath
cool as pools to lap
leave a brooding lurid laugh

the Antarctic blast
cast the frigid fate
would make a heartache
in need of warmth

thank you for waiting
beside my garden gate
thoughts of you relate
sharing your soul

in a world at peace
i see you bearing treats
under the elegant pine
work boots on your feet
like a diamond in a mine

let me understand
everything too difficult to say
I search for meaning
in your well being
a portrait to portray

douce the flame of fantasy
put out fires rigorously
reticent in recent years
to advance in my infancy

lose the truth reluctantly
learn from cunning secrecy
elevate the lethargy
that chokes what spoke in clarity

hide the whim of wisdoms sting
like bees caught up in a bunch
I’d like to catch the reason
never let it go

when I hear rain
I get fearful all over again
calm collect me writing then
in prayer for an eloquent pen.

a waters whim

in thistle worn withered wicked worried winter, hysterical eccentric
concentric troves of
groves the weeping willow grows-
the strut admired beginning transpires-the forest run amuck-every
little fawn marsh golden yellow, the lagging lack of plight into the
night better days perfumed bloom a musty musk I ask we must but enter
in confederate strongholds seek wisdom
becoming to a mortal-heaven help but be for goodness sake the bough
may break the gist and I would wonder why it takes so long to win a
hug as after all the fall will fall befell the random night you could
not lift a life so long a fright has logged the fire burning bright as
candle burns a waxing moonlight shown white as silver stars carry on,
forsaken souls receive their gold as sorrow send the sultry sun to
change estranged remorse with love to touch the hearts of everyone-
and if in turn the grounds are burnt
the shadows fall on pavement split-parched so long a summer simmered,
inclined to toast the berries off the bush-figurative study a deluge
rain came and muddied the more the body struggle aches her trouble to
the break of boast to boost the worst most
stranded, remind the early tide rebounds-take me out to sea-regard me
as a body of water set me free one weekend night in mid flight from
anger ending possibility
and I the guilty party counted on a misanthrope to wage the war to
open doors-I hid timidly to hear the angels sing a miracle lost-skip
stones a waters whim-to miss the kind heart melt
that kissed the dawn of mornings felt-I follow allowing her gentle grin
that has her in my heart again.