will the wonder

will the wonder.

will the wonder surge the sea
see you as you are
a shining star upon the heavens
on the horizon of the earth plane
trace the smile of her face
commit to memory i embrace
a simple rhyme
thunder of her grace divine
humanity candidly corrupt
conspire the night ensue the moon
silver light play
against the backdrop azure sky
the earth reflect her mirth
in worlds apart with loving heart
she know the temper
of a centaur in december
do not hurt
when you remember
this old girl.

sun in his sky

and in the wood
play among the wolves
upon the glen to glide barefoot
along the glade
rain pour down in the shade where tree limb shook
lie flat against the amethyst rocks fragrant jasmine
flow down stream into brooks
a scenic solitude rekindle quietude
muffled splashes carry the stone honed coast of evermore
close hawks boast to toast
their caws from the sycamore
giant oaks
litter the coarse ground
with acorn
the wind whips tremendous chill ferocious through the trees
in a moment from autumn
to winters drop in barometric pressure
mourn summer days long since gone that filled the body with pleasure
give me sun in his sky
sea surf sand
in pink and blue and tan
where does the sun go when it rains?
is he Incognito at Starbucks playing video games?
or is he listening to an old recording by Johnny Mathis “when sunny
gets blue”?

the love

the love is in the character
sparkling water
sheepish sheer pleasure
live forever
in the heart and mind
every gesture
sung slow sweet
the hillside hours brave
lonesome gorgeous maven
find you in your haven
held to form
a child is born
the burly brilliant storm
two thousand years yield morn
in fields of yellow corn
as after all the blossom bring the thorn
recede the flaky leaf from frigid frost
the bible speak to all of them
redeem the mighty worst
exceed the current curse
that list from side to side
walk once more on water
through the countryside
God bless to be alive
may dignity survive
lit candles to the cold black sky
I miss you more than I can say
rain a painters gray
loved you since the day we met
walking by the bay and yet
with words you speak
we seek the moon and stars
in a better light
goodnight angel
God bless you sweet friend
day is at an end
tomorrow my regard for you
a masterpiece of whites & blues
an anthem in the morning dew
the past is past the future cast
the doubt of night be but a dream
without a loss I have not seen
the war is won forever
in a place where the heart lives
the golden wake of sleep
the rise and fall of the season
ever changing
find you
pristine water
to sooth these dry eyes.

when night is never commonly

when night is never commonly
trees swoon southernly
canst rekindle comfortably
desire in monotony

fill will transparent
fall into Atlantic
fasten the romantic
eyes meet moon melodic

dire feeling ill-equip
to martyr your sweet cause
the one of welts and whip
raw unrelenting grief guilty grit

imagine you and I somewhere on a ship
on holiday to take a trip
with rainbows on our lips
from ports of call to feed our souls

white winter angry
world bold as bitter brandy
ocean roll cold sandy
wind is gaunt and gangly
moon marooned at noon
until stars share his sky.

to the sky I spy the amber sun

to the sky I spy the amber sun
in winter harsh and glum
wandering blue as ample ramble
clouds are barely one

grateful for forest green
splendid spruce pine for me
froze the earth and all she glean
troubled in her worth esteem

be well the time abate
no seconds on the plate
to think it all too late
remorse is great

the music curve
arch angels sing
to know the very truth of life
to have you in my sphere

translucent waters cleanse their care
to guide the rivers collide regale

out of my element there
in a state of kind regard reflect eclectic stars

hurl gold moon into ultramarine sea
pink sky resign turn darkest wine

follow hallowed tomorrow with tumultuous slumber
colder than a sorrow in summer.


whisper rushing water
birds glide air currents
the bluff barks rough
long grasses golden hay flattened
marsh in the harsh of winter
a heart in the middle of the day
wispy thickets lisping
blown biting bully muddy earth
sandy soil loosens stones running
shocks the rocks bolder
under sensitive sky
massive clouds hung low
in the dirt felt the debt to hold
winds fickle forces come and go
with the strength of a mind spring
rain crushing the pines
bent torn
sending storms
foliage overgrown thrash thrown
winds groan
nature’s warning growl
a departure
sun fires bright
till then darkest night
when the moon ascends to prowl.

a Januaury song

saving days from raving crazy train wrecks dazed
plodding the wobble of sadness sobbing
increased the senseless sorrow that never seems to cease
the sensitive sympathetic softly sighing silence listening
soon the moon sweeps tides from wells of wishing
the east end best for bottom fishing
test lines fly the boats and brine the harbor sky misting
tugboats call their foghorns blare
a January song a winters tale.