quiet allude rude

quiet allude rude.

quiet allude rude blue moon
bold cold loom cool
chutes bruise by sting of wind trespass bird wing
unrest stress chill scream shrill against the pane
bane existence bare frozen rain
felt the pain careless stain the day
fall rise blades of ice chastise the night implied warm winter lied

in wait the field storm
warn of nature bitter breezes raw
fight unfaithful bliss tremble torn
winter throw a punch star shine dim
forest cringe pine rigid bark frigid limb

slip shock snow hard bombard seaward suffer seagulls
tomorrow they’ll be skating on the pond in village fond
bundle up stumble tundra witness from your window

wishes well inclement weather
woodland creatures scatter look for hollows
find tree cuddle their babies as humans do
the homeless go unnoticed-
colder than a dare no one care

warm in our beds work
we seek out lovers
attraction distraction reaction
to the magic of the moment work play rest blessed
God’s message help others
but first we help ourselves.

the love

the love is in the character
sparkling water
sheepish sheer pleasure
live forever
in the heart and mind
every gesture
sung slow sweet
the hillside hours brave
lonesome gorgeous maven
find you in your haven
held to form
a child is born
the burly brilliant storm
two thousand years yield morn
in fields of yellow corn
as after all the blossom bring the thorn
recede the flaky leaf from frigid frost
the bible speak to all of them
redeem the mighty worst
exceed the current curse
that list from side to side
walk once more on water
through the countryside
God bless to be alive
may dignity survive
lit candles to the cold black sky
I miss you more than I can say
rain a painters gray
loved you since the day we met
walking by the bay and yet
with words you speak
we seek the moon and stars
in a better light
goodnight angel
God bless you sweet friend
day is at an end
tomorrow my regard for you
a masterpiece of whites & blues
an anthem in the morning dew
the past is past the future cast
the doubt of night be but a dream
without a loss I have not seen
the war is won forever
in a place where the heart lives
the golden wake of sleep
the rise and fall of the season
ever changing
find you
pristine water
to sooth these dry eyes.

the foreign moon

the foreign moon
I beg your pardon some pale night
seeing her again in a new light
makes heartache mend
words we send
getting a grip the script transcends
I am one to quip a card
a joker takes it hard
a smoker barred
to know her barely heard
water springs forth spring in springs
the rebirth of all things brings
naturally aged with time
yesterday’s grapes tomorrow’s wine
little kisses sweet and kind
deeply missed last goodbyes
early summer cries I love you so
so few chances to tell her so
for liberty her heart would
gain to rise above the pain
to call out her name in the
pouring rain
as she rides over rough terrain
angel morning dove
I will think of you
your gentle hug
with love

it’s only tears

it’s only tears
that make me wish to word so well
the well is deep
temper quell ripped defeat
as laughs are nothing cheap

I look at him
he takes my arm
as if he stroked my cheek from harm
the many months aloof
hadn’t seen him in many a year
wearing tailored suits

and never wore him boots
but custom made shoes
that hid the kid so lovingly
gallant dad uncouth

but for his truth
though thin today still boldly gray
without a word to say
he needs us me and you so much

dinner breakfast lunch
retired to humility
the seamless life of liberty subdued

a thoughtless boisterous melody for all of us to sense
in him vacant memory
that turns attention to the sun a window on the world to catch some warmth
familiar on his pudum

eyes that match the sky
endure the pouring of the rain ignore the bitterness of pain explore a little child’s game

he served out his usefulness
carried his family on his back
never lacking support the needed strain
under the gun of a material
sun summed up his world with
tears that came that I wasn’t his son to fly the flag unfurled
for he is just a man of trust and I his little girl.

wonderful wondering

wonderful wondering
where the varied melody
transfixed as a memory
call for charms exemplary

twitter of a bird
in flight to night the sky
so deep the eve would pale his grief
with feelings harsh as hail

resume the cold draft air
puddles pour a bath
cool as pools to lap
leave a brooding lurid laugh

the Antarctic blast
cast the frigid fate
would make a heartache
in need of warmth

thank you for waiting
beside my garden gate
thoughts of you relate
sharing your soul

in a world at peace
i see you bearing treats
under the elegant pine
work boots on your feet
like a diamond in a mine

let me understand
everything too difficult to say
I search for meaning
in your well being
a portrait to portray

douce the flame of fantasy
put out fires rigorously
reticent in recent years
to advance in my infancy

lose the truth reluctantly
learn from cunning secrecy
elevate the lethargy
that chokes what spoke in clarity

hide the whim of wisdoms sting
like bees caught up in a bunch
I’d like to catch the reason
never let it go

when I hear rain
I get fearful all over again
calm collect me writing then
in prayer for an eloquent pen.

gratitude for all you do

gratitude for all you do
to care for the meek and mild
to walk that extra mile
upbeat with a smile

all the while missing
the ones that always listen
everything good

you came into this world
brave little trooper that you would

let go the disappointment
you are as clear as rain
in syncopated rhythm

the stream of the unconscious
run in thought constrain
unlike fancy fame

speak as plain as whispers in the rain

it is all a rage
a tumbled stone
inside the heart

the sea surge
the moon hurled
across water and sky

wind descend
trees bend
earth a rock
time a clock

night a day
black and white
shades of gray
return soon
if only minutes may.

the distant summer

the distant summer
aloof in winters bare
fallen snow follow
soon left the swallow
bird of flight quiet night

sky violet light cool blue azure bright
mixture rain and ice
the fragments of a fixture triangular angular suffice
spare change the faculty cries
mammoth hysteria the autocrat experiential

mental prowess experimental
illumines potential
be well the time elemental
glow ever gentle reverence The Messiah
shy away the dependance survival

semi-conscious streams realize dreams
chase tomorrow looking back archival
notes sing of spring sanctuary
every living thing in memory
find fraternal favor a humility

bear roses in-enmities
recite sweet sentiment
play instruments of merriment
regard the cold with wool and glove
forgive the world with love.

an olive branch

a greater distance to the sun from earth
paint underneath my fingernails the work to file
deny my mother and her first born child
deep chill my heartbeat still on trial
older than a tree root rots
misgivings tied to have me nots
assert the failures of composure angry hot
middle of day the right to have their say
no matter what
a break in the weather a mix of sun and rain
our tears forbidden words bring angst a cruelest pain
a flux corrode like rust repeat the same refrain
you cannot trust the ones you love so much
with loneliness to claim no loyalty no gain
as a moon will wane I think we go insane
for what is love but someone else to blame
let light shine in eyes that look deep blue
as wide as an ocean she will rescue you
she is my mother bearing flowers
she is the ear that listens for hours
she cries the tears when she feels powerless
she is my dear she is my love an angel the sign of the dove
offering an olive branch
on the other end of the phone telling me she loves me
while eating olives.

calm cool breezes

autumn calm cool breezes blow
leaves turn shades red to gold
mesmerise a sunrise glow
a forest stream the even flow

virgin serpents bluest sea
your eyes looking deep
in my heart as ever was so sweet
dream met time for sleep

kind regard the harvest moon
yellow golden fires flame
revel light ignite reflection pure
beach grass stir in weather warm
soon the ocean wake

promise you care
love that will not pain
i’ll tell you when the war is at an end
welcome autumn sun
the falling rain
in a season fall again.

close the eyes of sleep

silent rain
calm a quiet blinding ache
that settles on the earthy plain
bought the cost that came
the right of every turn
intuitive memory
the enemy misunderstood
the countless rescue
deny the rash of thoughtlessness
has you down and out again
to pen a mosaic moray
in a way offering serenity
honor with dignity
the fruits of the orchard
the harvest here upon us
baked apple pies will warm us
angel cakes with sugared crust
when summer days adored as much
yet now for autumn calls us
breaking bread will cure us
give thanks to God and more
the answer is the core
the center of it all
where nights are like a door
to close the eyes of sleep
and catch the tears that weep
to sweep the hands of time
for something deep
in the middle of a most enchanted dream
I give you hugs and kisses
with love and many wishes
as there are fishes in the ocean
and as many boats
to float in the lap of caps
harbor great hope
the sky holds a million stars
to shine across this world of ours.