close the eyes of sleep

philosophy | poems

silent rain
calm a quiet blinding ache
that settles on the earthy plain
bought the cost that came
the right of every turn
intuitive memory
the enemy misunderstood
the countless rescue
deny the rash of thoughtlessness
has you down and out again
to pen a mosaic moray
in a way offering serenity
honor with dignity
the fruits of the orchard
the harvest here upon us
baked apple pies will warm us
angel cakes with sugared crust
when summer days adored as much
yet now for autumn calls us
breaking bread will cure us
give thanks to God and more
the answer is the core
the center of it all
where nights are like a door
to close the eyes of sleep
and catch the tears that weep
to sweep the hands of time
for something deep
in the middle of a most enchanted dream
I give you hugs and kisses
with love and many wishes
as there are fishes in the ocean
and as many boats
to float in the lap of caps
harbor great hope
the sky holds a million stars
to shine across this world of ours.

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