death a part of life

death a part of life
the final curtain
a role well played
that we should come to this
forever and a day
i look to you
my light in shining powers
awestruck the final hours
a forest for the flowers
tears wept for every living soul
upon the soil of toil
moon and stars the sun
wrapped in silver foil
wind call out to the sea
ocean midnight blue
from deepest depth the heart
as ever true
stream rivers sudden fish
a golden hue
red and yellow snapper
snapper blues
misbegotten ocean bottom floor
i feel i know in letting go
you love me more.

sun in his sky

and in the wood
play among the wolves
upon the glen to glide barefoot
along the glade
rain pour down in the shade where tree limb shook
lie flat against the amethyst rocks fragrant jasmine
flow down stream into brooks
a scenic solitude rekindle quietude
muffled splashes carry the stone honed coast of evermore
close hawks boast to toast
their caws from the sycamore
giant oaks
litter the coarse ground
with acorn
the wind whips tremendous chill ferocious through the trees
in a moment from autumn
to winters drop in barometric pressure
mourn summer days long since gone that filled the body with pleasure
give me sun in his sky
sea surf sand
in pink and blue and tan
where does the sun go when it rains?
is he Incognito at Starbucks playing video games?
or is he listening to an old recording by Johnny Mathis “when sunny
gets blue”?

arise sun star

surreal appeal arise sun star
airwave rave cloud shade
intuitive sky blink brink of pi
primitive pyramid invite sycophantic reply sky cry
dark dank ship in night sink sank heart trouble flip flaunt
fall over ice hot burn bitter
smart lark fly away snow in winter
odd duck scold geese cold feet
pray for Spring blue loon
return idiosyncratic moon
high tide yearn seethe churn
rancor rip anchor rope burn
wave invade bow slope stern
breadth length of Long Island
erode dissolve sand clamor clam
dig herself a hole ocean floor
she knows not how to ask for more.

in cool morning

in cool morning
heaven spills rainwater
from their loving cups
dousing flames disrupt
shoring up from shore the more
the roar erupt

the sun weighing tons
like a ship having sunk
cannot find his place in the sky
evil eye penetrate the rhyme of God
as though there isn’t time
to do with what is want

a symphony of sighs
clarify strides
with wisdom wise
attach the tale to butterflies
have so much charisma
in cherished leaves loden green
turn dry to die in winter

receive the gifts many miss
better bliss a bounty at your table
a welcomed hug
the sun-kissed wish
that fits in with the fable

if a grumble when you stumble
a grimace wanting has you humble
seems most sacrificial
to be practical
the experience thoughtlessly startling

harbor an hour scent of a flower
rose the blossom of brilliance
chose to make a difference
in your powerful existence

however long the distant bloom
through rainy night or chilly noon
thinking of you
palest moon
so soon mid-summer.


star etch scratch
Bombay stretch path
rain stained street black
market place hurry haste fallen to your present state

breathe hookah hashish in rough honed alley
emerald mine dust grime the sound of bells abound
citadel pray palms sway canyon quake awakened by the dawn

fires roar animals roam towns poor no repair
rubies in dark cold archives of museum
shoeless children grow old with winter a fragile fanaticism
feed a family-dog and cat the delicacy-
western thought fight reference

night drenched fear relentless monsoon
morbid gloom so many doomed with people to spare-
minimal miracles bargain cynical sovereign
you suffer the mother of silence regarding violence

too pale a positive position know from reading volumes voluminous bibles in the throes of trial by era time capsule
centuries call in the monolithic overpass well rounded minds invaluable

rock ledge hold
cavern paved with gold-star studded sapphires in the chamber
echo mellow fault-line crack giant formation beg for
pressure to be released sons and daughters tied to the deceased-

jarred immutable condition reduced to tears
loosen inhibition-losing faith an exorcism-
the blind dream of vision without a set plan nothing pans out
break tradition make a beeline for antihistamine
banish the malice from being

drink to your manifest destiny-
exhibit the harmony pray for light of day
may the sky be filled with sun
praise The Lord
The Lord is one.

walk miles many moons – for Scot

walk miles many moons
to seek the suns of June

play in warm sand
build castles with your hands
wade into pearl spun waters
a glistening Christening
draw your arrows to the target
in the center of tomorrow’s courage

climb the white flat rocks
grip the grout
hold the tool firm
remember your God

meet the challenge with expectation
value in the equation
to experience perfection

spoken in eloquence
the angels cry to see you wince
something to prove a harlequin

the tears roll down like measurements
in the crown of your proud elegance
master of your own design
to feel your heart to know your mind

work till sundown he is kind
as a setting sun in a benevolent sky.

it’s only tears

it’s only tears
that make me wish to word so well
the well is deep
temper quell ripped defeat
as laughs are nothing cheap

I look at him
he takes my arm
as if he stroked my cheek from harm
the many months aloof
hadn’t seen him in many a year
wearing tailored suits

and never wore him boots
but custom made shoes
that hid the kid so lovingly
gallant dad uncouth

but for his truth
though thin today still boldly gray
without a word to say
he needs us me and you so much

dinner breakfast lunch
retired to humility
the seamless life of liberty subdued

a thoughtless boisterous melody for all of us to sense
in him vacant memory
that turns attention to the sun a window on the world to catch some warmth
familiar on his pudum

eyes that match the sky
endure the pouring of the rain ignore the bitterness of pain explore a little child’s game

he served out his usefulness
carried his family on his back
never lacking support the needed strain
under the gun of a material
sun summed up his world with
tears that came that I wasn’t his son to fly the flag unfurled
for he is just a man of trust and I his little girl.

hold image

hold image
stars fix high
comet and shooting star race
across face of sky

their tails spark flame
fizzle like the bubbles in champagne
as pistols that misfire in the rain
wets a whistle of an early morning train

dawn bring light
soaring sight of sun strident

call energies to bear
love nature of a deer
the doe demonstrative with her fawn

combing the wood for juicy leaves hung on
stems that cling to giving limbs
speedy breezes blow up strong

blades of grass suspended in their ice
wait for sun
to render plump and tender

in frostbite stay alive
winter sacrifice
fierce frigid force wind defy

the moon is cool
forsake the aching chill
sun sleep soundly round and still
to elevate in his wake
as a full moon will.

to the sky I spy the amber sun

to the sky I spy the amber sun
in winter harsh and glum
wandering blue as ample ramble
clouds are barely one

grateful for forest green
splendid spruce pine for me
froze the earth and all she glean
troubled in her worth esteem

be well the time abate
no seconds on the plate
to think it all too late
remorse is great

the music curve
arch angels sing
to know the very truth of life
to have you in my sphere

translucent waters cleanse their care
to guide the rivers collide regale

out of my element there
in a state of kind regard reflect eclectic stars

hurl gold moon into ultramarine sea
pink sky resign turn darkest wine

follow hallowed tomorrow with tumultuous slumber
colder than a sorrow in summer.

bless by will

bless by will
harmony instill
explore the ponder
of a fonder fill

water pour
drops encourage goblets
the size of faucets
replenish thirst

all is worship
worried dignified gauntlet overflow
look gaunt high cheek-boned glow
positively magnificent

when you speak
take a chance
take me to your Paris France

where we may skip and prance
princesses in our own tuxedo pants
embrace a fine romance
in a finest dine and dance

walk with me on the Champs de Élysées
catch a cold speaking Portuguese
some day

travel Italy please
we’ll sit at Trevi Fountain eating bread and cheese
walk through Vatican City
cobblestone streets old pretty

Ferrari fiat Maserati
pizza pie home made genoa salami
pasta drizzled with fresh extra extra virgin olive oil

roasted garlic cloves manicotti ricotta
marinara & spaghetti al dente linguini boil
mussels in white wine/butter sauce will do
fresh baked sesame bread/Tuscan vino white & red

eating our hearts out in Europe
we must travel to be sure of
to live like queens they will serve us more of

take a dip in the sea when the surf’s up
on a sail boat we will manga till sun down
as fireworks streak across our bow
and the milk is creamy straight from the cow.