a little while longer

stay on the earth plane
a little while longer
madrigal phantom
canyon hills gather beginnings
endings fill the filament
lament the will i met

ointment rub away sorrow
without you in tomorrow
unkempt medusa
rude enthusiasm sought the seeker
some truth a pot of lies
an artists proof an angel cries

see the parting of the ways
form a more perfect union
arrays of new ones
along the palisades-
bathe in a glade down streams
self consciousness gray the greens

pity how she bleeds
without that special someone-
wife Mother Earth
the stormy affair of her life’s work
stillness walk in silence
encourage benevolence

sayer in troubled southern skies-
through skirting issues
tissues and a cane
rebel cause the second came
doubtful discriminations
alter egos enflaming flames

fire burn bright yellow
flicker whiskey sours
past partaken
mistaken identity
there is a better you in me
someone I long to see
who has a thing for spring

purple pleasantries
swipe the card of plenty
tell me when you’re ready
to the tune of a medley
swoon the moon overwhelming
the tide rushes very

deep within the sea belly
beauty of a whale
may catch her tail
her little calves running
through wind tossed waves
strewn prawn
sea turtles seaweed jellyfish

storms to coast the calm
red flags reserve to warn
floods flash reservoirs
seasick senses surface
race to rocky shores
where seagulls swear and soar.

as the rain

moon mellow yellow
Arch angel halo
hallow earth circle below
after twilight dawns glow
in rites to save the day
spirits sprites covet calm
ever quiet clever quite
a revolution of light
dance before a silent sun

most modest mottled moth
marry the dragon fly
a haughty lofty assault
peppered by restraint

sprinkle softly your Summer salt
sun pale clouds faint
as the rain tears sweet lament
for every bless-ed saint
and every violet.