Enders of the east

hibiscus sweet sugary dark bark
no worry tender twig upon the heart
dug deep into mineral floor the flora
decades steep in soil root mute curl coil
in a land as loyal enders of the east
receive the royal Golden Pear and Goldberg bagel feast
all the spoils are anointed
by the romantic Atlantic
castaway long summer sway trees warm wind skim shore
pack trunk dump junk
leave the bible in the drawer
fold clothes from the dryer
hot as if they were on fire
by the Sound and telephone wire
we are all famous in the Hamptons
liable to listen to Lionel train his quartet
in a most blue moody moon-set
dance to the stereo
strangers well meant amusement
soon the snow and ice will trickle the pipes sacrifice
summer ’18 fill a memory
augment autumn upon us author autonomy
search the birch for parchment
as we did in Larchmont
leave every leaf in place
beguiled thoughts to file
rile denial look my way your smile christen day
wild child please don’t turn away
fate is late thank God for time
that has us pray for yours and mine.

poor little fishes

poor little fishes in the sea
what become of you
what become of me

in my heart
life start
startled by the crashing wave

we remain
today is near
i love you dearly

in obedience i may cherish
she’s the only one just her
civil disobedience never cross her
with grimace and censor

calm midnight blue
sigh the night away
paint is a great cooperating

dusty pink sand in yr boot
where am i when you are mute

mutual hearts say it all
spring into summer
from a fall to winters frozen frail
winter babies all
i love you most of all.

ode to my mom

you gave me life
blossom in winter
getting thinner
lovely cuddly
continual dawn of day
in the sunset
of her youth
she speak her truth
immaculate spoof
the ever changing wind
rain to wet the chute
to the root
the winter welcome
her brilliance
astute her pursuit is neat
warm hands warm feet
an olive branch extend
the dove so much my friend
attentive mild mend
any hurt i wallow
she fill my heart
like a walk in the park
shades of gray tint
light to dark
she means so much
everything to me
no need to search
for my significant other
tho lonely like a stone
i have
my beautiful
significant mother
she welcome
without exception
me back home
so much self expression
she is
the quintessential conceptual
in reflection
mirror the images in her mind
paint the rain as wine
to master and to find
design that bind
a rite
that write the rhyme
grace the space
perceive the weave
between the lines.

the foreign moon

the foreign moon
I beg your pardon some pale night
seeing her again in a new light
makes heartache mend
words we send
getting a grip the script transcends
I am one to quip a card
a joker takes it hard
a smoker barred
to know her barely heard
water springs forth spring in springs
the rebirth of all things brings
naturally aged with time
yesterday’s grapes tomorrow’s wine
little kisses sweet and kind
deeply missed last goodbyes
early summer cries I love you so
so few chances to tell her so
for liberty her heart would
gain to rise above the pain
to call out her name in the
pouring rain
as she rides over rough terrain
angel morning dove
I will think of you
your gentle hug
with love

she pencil thin moments

she pencil thin moments pack a present peace no stern feelings
yet regard for something lean a miracle of groupings right off the
starboard bow and hear the most fine tuning will get to her somehow in borrowed embargo a bless-ed vow-
to lift the grip regretted strife to widen hugs as thoughts decide someway to shift so sweet survive I will not blame your milk white
perchance a dance a sweet amour would welcome you so soon
the shore you much adore a wealth of health a fisher fly across the coast where boats
boast of the tide
around the bluffs near lies today the grasses long in languid sway
there in the pockets of the banks then starlings nest as out to sea
the daring tanks aloud I whisper off the pier come back to me
I’ll harbor you my dear.

a silvery moon sparkle

a silvery moon sparkle
cool as a waterfall
November shy starry sky

crush ice in a chilled carafe
water spill tall as a giraffe
cast a warmer day into cold water

soothes my heart to hear her laugh
in ways the shades of gray
turn a sunny day to bask

another side
elegant pine
bark upon trees where leaves
may leave but not forgotten
you’re in my heart
the natural beauty blossom

love is a free full watery windy path
the sentiment tell a tale
of whimsy
see the woman
in workers clothes-

I love her eyes her ears her nose
that winning chin
her arms her legs those fabulous toes
instep with her that she may feel
will not keep her from her grin.


deep blue eyed dreamer
under majestic
metallic moon azure sky
on the road miles wide
rains where horses graze
grass can’t grow in snow
hay mainstay
dogs won’t stray
shepherd herd the herd
with words heard
they obey

sun peer from sky forever shy
dawn belong to the morn
lapse in time writ the rhyme
clear crystal sheen
that only May surmise the green
chartreuse destitute shoot
covered over root
snow alone nature mute
frozen ground mood allude
hibernate winter brood
relate the thing hope of Spring
when bird take wing
sing song soon.