with the swallow

masked moon cloud aloud with heavy rain
cling to bough droop currants vine
the train cumbersome-
trunks of bending birch quench their thirst in puddled dirt decay
sweet root, bearded bark shade shadow glade in shallow dark
to hear a lark
giddy in his yelp
a cry for help
mellow memory of the swelter
give me shelter
oh how he weeps
to see the dove mourning
an irreconcilable peace
the cost of knowing
an hour
in the life of an owl
lucky to find field mice,
sleep in a barn
with the swallow.

of the sea

clam in wet sand sinks in the drink of bubbles
to breathe the froth doubles as ocean waves
crash and prey upon a world of troubles-
from oceans ear to the mouth of the bay
gulls shrug off the cold, feel the flinging fad
to swoop into a loop below the waters wealth
a fish or two be had-as stealth the brazen
fisherman is he, seagull, natural born hunter
of the sea.

a hope to heal

is illness but cold dark abandoned shed of tear? to think about you
dear so far from home and feelings of a castaway lost to throw stones
across the bay, to hit the mark as stake a claim, wellness the
priceless pit of peach
amid the center-reach, cling to the fruit to feast.
when moon is full
on some romantic beach, moon pull ocean the sandy stretch, a pageantry
of starlight where dreams are met,
seek sea birds in flight
dart like targets in the night of lofty flutter a shutter of
focus that zooms in on the horizon-fits of fog dissolve before another
sun, a hope to heal the moan of mourn unearth the morning dazzling