whisper rushing water
birds glide air currents
the bluff barks rough
long grasses golden hay flattened
marsh in the harsh of winter
a heart in the middle of the day
wispy thickets lisping
blown biting bully muddy earth
sandy soil loosens stones running
shocks the rocks bolder
under sensitive sky
massive clouds hung low
in the dirt felt the debt to hold
winds fickle forces come and go
with the strength of a mind spring
rain crushing the pines
bent torn
sending storms
foliage overgrown thrash thrown
winds groan
nature’s warning growl
a departure
sun fires bright
till then darkest night
when the moon ascends to prowl.

music for the muse

barren beach below snow covered sand
sun over the yardarm rue the stew Dinty Moore
fish the fish wriggle worm lure the lurid splash
diver bubble bends trouble murky brine
old boats sail away never die
fore aft Chris Craft hull and kisses
cast the mast crow’s nest rest witches
give it up for lent lofty wishes
bent spent cent sense solitude
watery green Goddess of Neptune
hurl the world submerge submit
an aging bloom
beckon second seldom clouds
rain a strain of Strauss
music for the muse
coming out of her blouse
glassy eyes descend
hide hidden harmonic heretic
reduce speed delicate for the benefit
of merriment
let there be
incredulous contentment
white street of Gloucester by the sea.


there is a beginning and an end
in expressing the essence more or
less the silence of your excellence
you shine forever in the glow
to hear the fearless clarity
a voice
to throw away disparity
to thwart distraught polarity
for a summer sanity
tossing cookies candidly
you say the sweetest things to me
singing songs you bring
that melts the bakers chocolate
whisk upon a bar
that has me in the batters bowl
chewing brownies from a jar
the moon is cool the light is white
marshmallow clouds float in the night
peppermint leaves fall in love
with apple tree embarked
a storm brew such a teas.