ethereal tree

ethereal tree in the forrest cathedral
shimmer winsome bird wing
crisp Autumn air bring slim stem
blue azure grass capture frost
the cost of losing you
lost in the shadows
rain like tears dripping droplets on branches
strip the evening mottled leaf
that fill the ground with grief
creature stir black fur buries to ashes
shadow of a darker moon cry to sea
waves crash bluer
i never meant to hurt the wonder
it was a wonderful summer
salt in the wound plunder put the mood asunder
fire brimstone thunder
upset depth deep dark sorrow
forgive an ancient debt
that may free us from regret tomorrow.

i adore the Earth

i adore the Earth my home
a place to call my own
the river bend and moan
the ocean white with foam

i hear a bird at dawn
she sing a lovely song
i see the sea is blue
the horizon and Heavens too

i see a sea of sky
that fill her gray blue eyes
in hope there is a prayer
for God to always be there

will you see me someday
where we may work and play
i pray for you to be okay
my heart is full and gay

i long to see you smile
across the cloudy miles
i fear it’s but a dream
to have a world for my girl and me

don’t worry baby blue
for i remember you
my messenger my guide
my starry night your moon won’t cry.


in a manger

it so happens to be
the incline of eternity
a rose garden no stranger
planted hydrangeas
fish swim free likened
to ponds of birds the swallow
hurt in hollow words
the evergreen shadow
over earth the magic fan
that shades her name
as wind and rain
upon the plain of evermore
I ask for sunshine cool in weather
fortuitous waters sweep
in fountains parks and green
the milestones of peeps
where after all she takes the call
that answers something deep and all
the revenue that rage fell through
was never intended to upset you
as ever was a fairy dust
to move a mountain or two because
I love you more becomes the day
and kneel beside your heart today
to ask forgiveness for my thoughts
that faults deliverance in wilderness remorse
so wild keen the smiling of
a dawn to deem her rising sun
the where of been
with no regret to give up yet
I ask you with so much love respect
to think of me with no upset
the magic never left your side
I dream a dream
grateful for your kindness
thankful for your wonder
lightning and thunder
found in a manger
in my mind.