the realm of the real

the realm of real
rite the night
fill the throng with song
fly by light the spirit soar
rainbow bright white lit dawn

I ask of you to stay with me
a little while pray with me
lantern by the sea
walk together candidly

vivid thought
sacred heart
friend in rain most bitter dark
antique post modern avant-gard

off to your diamond studded stars
bedecked bejeweled redeemed renewed
while I paint faintly moody moons
avenues in text express

Prometheus unbound-find him dancing around the grounds
in these infinite coastal towns
the bay is sound
fog horn rip torn sleep
replete the hours peace
in quiet
sweet silent
drift down the river like Ophelia
hope harbor keeling not rob her of her feeling
peek into day dawn shy wink sky pink sparkle sunrise
link the universe mere verse cannot endeavor to recapture
such brilliant rapture
the slow glow in tone of a flower blossom open in a moment

arise full stature yellow golden flame
behold the Sun magnificence the center to the Mane

all creation spin in resolution
syncopated time unfold in unison.

the seldom love

the seldom love
most sorry
cannot bring to carry

kept the stressful day
oceans emotion
stall tall squall in doubt of dawn

red lines streak black sky with gray
silver moon slip through crack in cloud
wind blown winter score the Ice

pelt the earth to her inner core
a darker dimmer beam
from shooting star recede

angel hitch a ride
trip where dipper lie
let spirit be your guide

an easy peace of pride
extreme release unwind the night

complete a kinder mind
the sign of the dove.

against the frost

return yearning dawn
hold golden sun tightly
pearl white moon alight onyx skies
opal stars sigh
wish night brightly on
chill and ice reduce streams to freeze
upon the frozen bed fallen leaves
limbs cold dark unrooted twigs bent
frigid water reserve the pointy stem
observe the curved shroud
lifting her leaf torn head bowed
black branch against the frost
shuttering shattered shy sentiments
slowly soulfully follow a haloed snow blown spin
humbled by winters wound up wind
wait for Spring.