Atlantic Night

black Atlantic night
hidden rhythm forgiven
beach wind trim sail
waters whip foam white
storm the sand of fantasy
rain exceed the ecstasy
in the middle of a memory
infuse temper temporary
console soul contemporary
into the elements
love has no boundary love has no effigy

drawn are the lines in your kind face
that grapple grit
that perfect pitch rock back and forth forthwith
wish the myth of bliss your wealth in health
will hurt no hint no risk of self to save a sage
who sink into a mortal rave
wave cool waters colored blue
roar sea water swirl spray cascade floor off shore
endure tumultuous remorse
the coast host hammer on rock
surge a dirge cling to pillion on the dock
writhe boats tied up taut
siren wind send shiver blow sting
surface bird fly icy wing
thought to pull fish from their school
claw catch to grab the fin
cold Spring harbor
labor of love starboard
gull at the hull
eat well into tomorrow.