death a part of life

death a part of life
the final curtain
a role well played
that we should come to this
forever and a day
i look to you
my light in shining powers
awestruck the final hours
a forest for the flowers
tears wept for every living soul
upon the soil of toil
moon and stars the sun
wrapped in silver foil
wind call out to the sea
ocean midnight blue
from deepest depth the heart
as ever true
stream rivers sudden fish
a golden hue
red and yellow snapper
snapper blues
misbegotten ocean bottom floor
i feel i know in letting go
you love me more.

will the wonder

will the wonder.

will the wonder surge the sea
see you as you are
a shining star upon the heavens
on the horizon of the earth plane
trace the smile of her face
commit to memory i embrace
a simple rhyme
thunder of her grace divine
humanity candidly corrupt
conspire the night ensue the moon
silver light play
against the backdrop azure sky
the earth reflect her mirth
in worlds apart with loving heart
she know the temper
of a centaur in december
do not hurt
when you remember
this old girl.

happy new year

the end of 2016
ancient hours dated
the moon and stars placated
the year all but faded
good luck
through winter wood
avenues toy with
store front joy
lights on every tree
self imposed I compose a cozy prose
putting up the heat I am too cold
wake me from my sleeping soul
walk across a dream
with hugs & kisses
a happy healthy 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the love,

in wake of ocean depth blue sky

in wake of ocean depth blue sky
upon water cry tears of rain from heaven
the benevolent good stood to understand an understated favor fated by the greater sweeping of His hand-elated beaming moon lit night stars bright kiss the dark, invite the dawn to come along in swirling storm a surly sea born the fathoms sanctity-the sun subdued a grayest hue replaces you but black and cloudy doubtful day recede to grieve the bay, it seem time lost in rhyme stir the spray-undercurrents play overtures the pounding surf suck the surface of turf hurl a world away, seagull dive to stay alive finding fish that way, fly distant reaches geese go in a row to warmer beaches-above the horizon shining in moon glow shimmer golden
glimmer snow in winter.


brews mood
ruining winds feud
Mother Earth barely out of grief
without a page to leaf
more than most minimal
doubts herself cynical
moments bless the miracle
from the ethereal pinnacle
something queer
about snowstorms austere
white packed snow
pushes it’s weight around
trees fall down
on buried ground
finding fuel futile
brute blizzard barrels brazen
pale moon mute
sky of white wears overcoat of night
to keep the frost bite trite
winds batter the bay
the world still for a day
sun cannot find
a warmth he has lost
though wins his will to shine
the moon feeling fine
tells the sun do not die
you’ll always be a friend of mine
snow angels appear
in oceans icy foam
they bless every being
in the evening and they say
honor your loved ones
they are the shore
that you’ve been looking for
all your life
forever more.


whisper rushing water
birds glide air currents
the bluff barks rough
long grasses golden hay flattened
marsh in the harsh of winter
a heart in the middle of the day
wispy thickets lisping
blown biting bully muddy earth
sandy soil loosens stones running
shocks the rocks bolder
under sensitive sky
massive clouds hung low
in the dirt felt the debt to hold
winds fickle forces come and go
with the strength of a mind spring
rain crushing the pines
bent torn
sending storms
foliage overgrown thrash thrown
winds groan
nature’s warning growl
a departure
sun fires bright
till then darkest night
when the moon ascends to prowl.

the foreign moon

the foreign moon
I beg your pardon some pale night
seeing her again in a new light
makes heartache mend
words we send
getting a grip the script transcends
I am one to quip a card
a joker takes it hard
a smoker barred
to know her barely heard
water springs forth spring in springs
the rebirth of all things brings
naturally aged with time
yesterday’s grapes tomorrow’s wine
little kisses sweet and kind
deeply missed last goodbyes
early summer cries I love you so
so few chances to tell her so
for liberty her heart would
gain to rise above the pain
to call out her name in the
pouring rain
as she rides over rough terrain
angel morning dove
I will think of you
your gentle hug
with love

arise sun star

surreal appeal arise sun star
airwave rave cloud shade
intuitive sky blink brink of pi
primitive pyramid invite sycophantic reply sky cry
dark dank ship in night sink sank heart trouble flip flaunt
fall over ice hot burn bitter
smart lark fly away snow in winter
odd duck scold geese cold feet
pray for Spring blue loon
return idiosyncratic moon
high tide yearn seethe churn
rancor rip anchor rope burn
wave invade bow slope stern
breadth length of Long Island
erode dissolve sand clamor clam
dig herself a hole ocean floor
she knows not how to ask for more.

a silvery moon sparkle

a silvery moon sparkle
cool as a waterfall
November shy starry sky

crush ice in a chilled carafe
water spill tall as a giraffe
cast a warmer day into cold water

soothes my heart to hear her laugh
in ways the shades of gray
turn a sunny day to bask

another side
elegant pine
bark upon trees where leaves
may leave but not forgotten
you’re in my heart
the natural beauty blossom

love is a free full watery windy path
the sentiment tell a tale
of whimsy
see the woman
in workers clothes-

I love her eyes her ears her nose
that winning chin
her arms her legs those fabulous toes
instep with her that she may feel
will not keep her from her grin.

walk miles many moons – for Scot

walk miles many moons
to seek the suns of June

play in warm sand
build castles with your hands
wade into pearl spun waters
a glistening Christening
draw your arrows to the target
in the center of tomorrow’s courage

climb the white flat rocks
grip the grout
hold the tool firm
remember your God

meet the challenge with expectation
value in the equation
to experience perfection

spoken in eloquence
the angels cry to see you wince
something to prove a harlequin

the tears roll down like measurements
in the crown of your proud elegance
master of your own design
to feel your heart to know your mind

work till sundown he is kind
as a setting sun in a benevolent sky.