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Portraits of the Gods and Goddesses

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odes to The Gods and Goddesses


graceful green stem
heavenly wind whisper repose
a coat of shining stars
precipitate Her halo cap
arouse circles of the abundant bliss
to gather stones the grave enlist
kiss Her sequenced hem dawn to dusky pink carry long
longing for Her love adored
promise A kiss be born to every pretty
mist beside the Spring of song.


fire lute and lyre curses cry for no one from the sand of nomad canyons caves carnal sins break of day hoist the sail break away prisoners all in the prism of the fall
capture them all the lamb is silent
the lion roar.


Her beautiful mind exquisite kind in shadow shade everglades glide in moonbeam tides hear your name-think the spoils of war ain’t no use at all, the catcher waves a wand the crystal of a swan-the magic will unfold when men grow not so old to see the sea as cold and free as gold.


unearth cloud cover hover between the world and night the dark of bed has hit your head the dread is out of sight but oh the miracle He may the night will sun the day and i will hunt to be as blunt as fish swim in the bay.


yellow golden age upon the plain bathe enrich the grain fierce the piercing seagull cry the sun is in his eye great God
warmth regard the handsome and the bard.


Son of Zeus protective loving knight blue green waters stir rush crash in His veins touched by Pisces reflect moon lit seas oceans fathom turbulence deluge Father of fish crab clam man the oar from Maine to the mainland of Japan.

death a part of life

death a part of life
the final curtain
a role well played
that we should come to this
forever and a day
i look to you
my light in shining powers
awestruck the final hours
a forest for the flowers
tears wept for every living soul
upon the soil of toil
moon and stars the sun
wrapped in silver foil
wind call out to the sea
ocean midnight blue
from deepest depth the heart
as ever true
stream rivers sudden fish
a golden hue
red and yellow snapper
snapper blues
misbegotten ocean bottom floor
i feel i know in letting go
you love me more.


concrete thoughts egregious
body of water in agreement
cascade sparkling sun drench
spit splashes lashing out
wave them in
beaches bearing creatures in the foam

dilapidated beach house groan
windy wooden slatted home
weathered white paint chip crack craze
extend from the surface raised
like seagull wings
stretched away walls dingy gray
eroded brass hardware greenish black
abandoned to the sea salt air never coming back

muse the muse of love the rite of Spring
Venus in the world would bring
love to everyone and every living thing
with heart to light ones darkest night to sing

bells will chime like heartbeats to the rhyme
acts of kindness let sorrow be
in a world that seems the test of time
love is ever soft serene
appreciate the stars the sea
the earth renew our destiny.

hold image

hold image
stars fix high
comet and shooting star race
across face of sky

their tails spark flame
fizzle like the bubbles in champagne
as pistols that misfire in the rain
wets a whistle of an early morning train

dawn bring light
soaring sight of sun strident

call energies to bear
love nature of a deer
the doe demonstrative with her fawn

combing the wood for juicy leaves hung on
stems that cling to giving limbs
speedy breezes blow up strong

blades of grass suspended in their ice
wait for sun
to render plump and tender

in frostbite stay alive
winter sacrifice
fierce frigid force wind defy

the moon is cool
forsake the aching chill
sun sleep soundly round and still
to elevate in his wake
as a full moon will.

to the sky I spy the amber sun

to the sky I spy the amber sun
in winter harsh and glum
wandering blue as ample ramble
clouds are barely one

grateful for forest green
splendid spruce pine for me
froze the earth and all she glean
troubled in her worth esteem

be well the time abate
no seconds on the plate
to think it all too late
remorse is great

the music curve
arch angels sing
to know the very truth of life
to have you in my sphere

translucent waters cleanse their care
to guide the rivers collide regale

out of my element there
in a state of kind regard reflect eclectic stars

hurl gold moon into ultramarine sea
pink sky resign turn darkest wine

follow hallowed tomorrow with tumultuous slumber
colder than a sorrow in summer.

against the frost

return yearning dawn
hold golden sun tightly
pearl white moon alight onyx skies
opal stars sigh
wish night brightly on
chill and ice reduce streams to freeze
upon the frozen bed fallen leaves
limbs cold dark unrooted twigs bent
frigid water reserve the pointy stem
observe the curved shroud
lifting her leaf torn head bowed
black branch against the frost
shuttering shattered shy sentiments
slowly soulfully follow a haloed snow blown spin
humbled by winters wound up wind
wait for Spring.

a winter’s afternoon

astral projection
light years past propulsion
a hastened clip
duel rockets tied to every ship
picking up the pace
aurora’s pearly smile upon her golden face
to comb her flaxen curls
with the teeth of stars
waiting it out till night
recedes in the glory of day
to light up the sky with blue
the sun follows suit
as cool as a moon in a winter’s afternoon.